Monday, September 9, 2013

I found God, he says hello

I don't know if anyone reads this blog. I don't blame them after all I do not post regularly and unlike some very snazzy blog writers I do not have a specific topic or direction. Just rants about life, things I'm learning, observations, things I think are cool.

I tried reading the Bible and stopped at the book of Samuel. That's my lil attempt at tying last blog and this blog together ;) Funny thing is, I feel God in my life more now than I ever have before and things are so wonderful right now. I am truly grateful.

Almost daily I check all of my social media including this blog and today I just felt like writing a little something. It seemed so lonely and forgotten with my last post being months ago. I don't pretend anyone is hanging on a string over it. It's just for me to not feel theres a dusty mess under my bed. :)

Truth is, I have been out living. Fully living. Going to church regularly, traveling, working, working out, connecting with friends. I am living a full life and it feels so good. My birthday was August 26th and I went Skydiving for the 1st time. It was an experience that has changed me forever. I thought to write about it since then but until now couldn't find the words to describe it in a post. All I can say is that I jumped out of a plane 13,000 feet in the air! It was amazing, exhilarating, fun, thrilling, and totally awe some. As in really filled with awe. I felt filled with God and I still do.

I'm learning more and more and so I guess I'll end it with this. I may have stopped reading the Bible at Samuel but I am living in my faith fully every day.

God bless...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

GOD where are you? Pt. 2 Reading The Bible..

It has been almost a full month since I began reading the Bible in order to educate myself on the word of God. I have never read the Bible before now, in my last post I mentioned my spiritual walk before now and my previous attempt at reading that was very brief and unsuccessful. In this post I'd like to share with you what has changed along with some tips (italicized) for anyone who may be considering reading the Bible for the first time.

There are many ways one can go about doing this, you may decide to join a study group or church, or you may take this up on your own and choose a schedule that will take you through in a year's time. I have decided to go about it using the latter option. My choice has been to read from beginning (Genesis) to the end (Revelations) on my own for this first time. I am reading an authorized King James Version that was originally published in 1611 with read along references, read along translations, and the words of Christ printed in red. I like being able to reference other passages in the Bible that expand on what I am reading, I also like that there are some translations already entered in to help me understand words I do not know. Although, thanks to the blessing of technology, I can easily look up definitions on my phone or iPad when reading if there is something I truly do not understand. Another thing I like to do is pray before reading. "Thank you God for guiding me and showing me what you would like me to see."

So far I have read Genesis, Exodus, and am in Leviticus now. I am learning a lot and am having a good time doing it. I am not an expert by any means on these subjects, I am not here to have anyone follow me or my thoughts, my goal is simply to share my journey and provide a few tips to anyone who may be interested in reading the Bible for the first time. I highly recommend anyone interested in God to conduct their own search and education. If you ask and want to know, God will reveal himself to you.

Jeremiah 29:13 - And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

God bless

Friday, March 1, 2013

GOD, where are you?

My walk with God began many years ago, as an adolescent I would walk myself to church and listen in on stories of God from religious people around me. I have been looking for the truth for a long time. Searching.... I have gone to Catholic church, Christian church, Baptist church, Seventh Day Adventist church, I have chanted to a scroll, taken a meeting with Jehovah Witnesses, and read various New Age books. I believe God is everywhere at all times inside of all of us and around in us in everything.I talk to God every day. Thanking and praying over situations and people and circumstances.

Still, it dawned on me that I have never read the word of God aka The Bible. I had tried it once but it seemed so hard and confusing I didn't go back to it. 3 times in my life so far I feel it has been brought to my attention. This last time I took the call.

I am going to try and read the Bible. Today in a few minutes I am going to honor my first Sabbath. I'd like to see what the ways of the Lord are. I'd like to be a bringer of the light. I'd like to show love and peace. I'd like to give honor to God by way of honoring myself and others the way I was intended. I'd like to learn.

I have doubted God, sinned every sin, and after meeting with a friend yesterday who is very well versed in the bible it turns out there are a number of things I have done and am doing wrong. I do good works, I consciously uplift others. I don't go to church regularly but I hold church inside of me daily. Am I saved? Am I condemned? Do I need to be forgiven? I guess I am about to find out. Since I made this decision I have felt the love of others around me, I have noticed butterflies all day, I have also happened to come upon Bible talk via random sources like other blogs and TV shows. To me, the message is clear. It's time and I am ready.

If you read this blog and have stories or thoughts to share on your experience of God or The Bible, I'd love to hear from you. Blessings to all...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Leaving the fitting! Can't wait 'til shoot day.
Aww a star is out and shining bright as I get into my car.
Beautiful views on my drive to set.
Here comes the sun! 

What a nice dealership. I won't mind shooting here all day :)
Behind the scenes
Lunch was so delicious!
In makeup and ready to get beautified!
Set ready as your dealer. Let's shoot!  :D

Friday, January 4, 2013

Immortalized in a Marvel Comic!!

In the late 90's, I waitressed at Marvel Mania and fell in love with Marvel comics. To this day, working at that restaurant hold some of the most fun dear memories for me. I worked there the entire time it was open and even got to meet Stan Lee before the grand opening. 

As fun as it was to work at Marvel Mania, I was a single Mom then trying to also live my dreams and launch my Entertainment career. Although I was able to see it as a possibility in my head, there was a lot of learning and maturing I had to so and I still had a long way to go. The fact that I am now immortalized forever in a Marvel Comic has me over the moon happy. I honestly give thanks to God because dreams do come true in the sweetest ways imaginable so friends don't ever give up. 

Here are some shots from the comic book "Marvel 34 Avengers End Times." There is even a shot of me with my heroes, my favorite Marvel superheroes who in this story, are my fellow superheroes. Imagine that. :) To purchase a copy of Marvel 34 Avengers End Times or any other comic book please find a store by using this Comic Shop Locator

Friday, October 19, 2012

Working on the movie Argo

As a grateful actor, I appreciate every job I get. I love what I do and am always pleased at the opportunity to do it. Being someone that aspires to do more in the theatrical world (television and film) getting to work on this movie was a huge blessing in more ways than one. I not only got to work for a week on the set, my longest time on a movie set to date... but I was able to meet and talk with actor and director Ben Affleck. I met some new friends and became a must join and member of SAG now known as SAG-AFTRA. I can honestly say, I will never forget the experience of working on Argo

The days were long and fun, the food was good. The opportunity to be a flight attendant in 1979 for India Air was awesome. The wardrobe and feelings associated with it were interesting. I got to wear a Hijab and very modest clothing which was a wonderful learning experience. It was all quite cool. It's also nice to see that it has gotten great reviews critically and publicly. 

As always, I love to bring you with me, so here are some photos!

Shot from the fitting where I first tried my wardrobe for the movie. 
The sun rising in my rear view as I drove to set the first day.

With Aidan and Riya two beautiful talented friends from the shoot.
With Asal who also played an India Air Flight Attendant. She was great!
Sunset view from one of the shoot days.
Comfy shoes in between takes. :)
Good times.
Asal was so much fun.
I loved this pic because it just feels old school. Don't you think?
Blessed with beautiful nature views all week.
A clear freeway is definitely appreciated when driving to set before 4 am! :)
Having a chef make breakfast for me was wonderful. 
Oh yeah..
Another day another chance to play!
Set signage.
Then it was a wrap for me and I drove home smiling. Even the heavens seemed to understand. Breathtaking.

Friday, September 21, 2012


I love great tasting healthy food. I love a great atmosphere. I like when I go somewhere and the people are friendly. If you add on business practices and philosophies that are socially conscious or good for our environment, it'll probably become one of my favorites. ROFL Cafe has all these things and they are located on cool and funky Melrose in Hollywood so you can visit them and get your stroll or shop on. I call that a great afternoon. Heck, it could also be a good night. :) Don't be surprised when they pronounce the name Rawful the letters ROFL actually stand for Republic of Laughter although I think it's totally fine to think of it as we all know it (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) because it conjures up a feeling of joy which is exactly what they intend for their guests.

Laughter Love Joy Happiness ROFL Cafe <3 td="td">

The Margherita pizza. It's what I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed. No leftovers for me!

The Pineapple and Pancetta pizza. That was Tony's choice. Also very good. 

Cheers to yummy food, fun people, and uplifting environments!