Friday, October 19, 2012

Working on the movie Argo

As a grateful actor, I appreciate every job I get. I love what I do and am always pleased at the opportunity to do it. Being someone that aspires to do more in the theatrical world (television and film) getting to work on this movie was a huge blessing in more ways than one. I not only got to work for a week on the set, my longest time on a movie set to date... but I was able to meet and talk with actor and director Ben Affleck. I met some new friends and became a must join and member of SAG now known as SAG-AFTRA. I can honestly say, I will never forget the experience of working on Argo

The days were long and fun, the food was good. The opportunity to be a flight attendant in 1979 for India Air was awesome. The wardrobe and feelings associated with it were interesting. I got to wear a Hijab and very modest clothing which was a wonderful learning experience. It was all quite cool. It's also nice to see that it has gotten great reviews critically and publicly. 

As always, I love to bring you with me, so here are some photos!

Shot from the fitting where I first tried my wardrobe for the movie. 
The sun rising in my rear view as I drove to set the first day.

With Aidan and Riya two beautiful talented friends from the shoot.
With Asal who also played an India Air Flight Attendant. She was great!
Sunset view from one of the shoot days.
Comfy shoes in between takes. :)
Good times.
Asal was so much fun.
I loved this pic because it just feels old school. Don't you think?
Blessed with beautiful nature views all week.
A clear freeway is definitely appreciated when driving to set before 4 am! :)
Having a chef make breakfast for me was wonderful. 
Oh yeah..
Another day another chance to play!
Set signage.
Then it was a wrap for me and I drove home smiling. Even the heavens seemed to understand. Breathtaking.