Wednesday, June 22, 2011

29 Gifts in 29 Days. Day 29. It's a Wrap.

If you have been following along with me, I thank you, but most of all I pray something inside of you ignited. Opening my journey was always about you & the chance that you'd be inspired to join and discover the magic that I now know. Regardless of what you choose, there is no right or wrong. You are magnificent just the way you are & I'm grateful for you just the same. If you have been touched by this, the FREE community is at you can join this challenge, blog, & interact with the community there. To buy the book that started this movement, click here.

I would be lying if I said I'm done with this. I cannot stop now. I am forever changed. Now though it's outside of a challenge. It's a way of life I am proud to choose.

Wishing you all of the absolute best. Always. And now, here's my " last day."

29 Gifts, Day 29....June 22, 2011 at 11:39pm

I am in the middle of a huge receive. Seattle, Washington. Here to shoot a national commercial. 1 of 2 I just booked within the last couple weeks. Just got in from dinner. Beautiful hotel room. Delicious seafood meal with fellow actors all flown out for this same purpose, one of which I hope to know the rest of my life. I feel full, blessed to the utmost, connected. As I write, my eyes swell with tears, I don't want it to be over. Also because I know it never will.

This challenge, this message, all of YOU have changed my life forevermore. I can't say thank you. I cannot gift you to equal what you have given me. There is a purity and fulfillment. A peace, a knowing I have never come across before. I used to wish for the ability to hug God when I died. Now, I am grateful for I hug God everyday.

Today I gave smiles, laughter, gratitude, prayer. I gave happiness and my full attention. I gave a small monetary token to a man on the street along with the cab fare for four of us back from dinner to our hotel. Most of all I gave my heart. To you. To 29 Gifts. Today, tomorrow, forever. Whether we are giving or receiving we are a part of the divinity that is life and connection. The divinity that is we. A beautiful collective, a collage of miracles. You are all beautiful and I'm so grateful to be blessed by your presence. With love forever. Tee....

"Blessed are we engaged in this, these 29 days, where we give gifts."

Thank you so much. <3<3<3 Goodnight

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 28

29 Gifts, Day 28June 21, 2011 at 11:33pm

Today's give was hard. I was left feeling a little down. Quite bummed actually... I had worked all day on the Carriage Hope website. Not only had they never had one before, but they had never had any social networking or other web presences set up so all of this was done from scratch. Originally there was a web guy they had but he never responded to my emails or answered my questions so I took it on so we could get it done. I was glad to do it. Excited even. Putting my items on the back burner to get this done by our deadline which is this Friday. I knew I would be in Seattle this week so that moved the deadline to today.

I believe my problem is that this give ended up coming with an expectation on my part. I just expected he would be happy to have the website complete. Functioning. Real. After presenting it to him, his reaction wasn't happy or excited at all. As a matter of fact he said it looked bland and wondered if I could incorporate what his web guy had worked on in the past 2 1/2 years but never completed or published. I was flabbergasted. The wind completely out of my sails. I felt unappreciated and then I started to worry. I worried about why and what it meant if he still wanted to work with the same people considering the lack of results they've gotten. Nevertheless, I still gave. This give was an open heart and mind telling him to gather and send me all the stuff he is thinking about so I could see about how I might make it work. I also gave the gift of reasoning. There is a lot I have to say but Seattle will give me time and I think with time I will be clearer. 

I wish I could say things went great. Still when I think about it, they did. I gave my word to have a website for Carriage Hope by Friday, 6/24 and I did it. Ahead of schedule. I promised to create their social networks and online revenue generators and I did. They are now set up for PayPal & eBay. I also got them credit card processing for the thrift store. Knowing what all of this could bring for them, is my receive.

So I guess I could sum it up to say,
I gave my all each and every day.
I was my word and that feels good,
No need for applause,
Cause I'm self approved.

Blessings, love, and abundance to all of you. For you are my gifts, every day. Goodnight.

29 Gifts, Day 27

"Blessed are we, engaged in this, these 29 days, where we give gifts."

You are welcome to join this challenge and the free community anytime here. Purchase the book that started this movement, here. Love to you. Thanks for reading...

29 Gifts, Day 27June 21, 2011 at 1:16am

Guess what? Guess what? The man I had been buying scratchers (lottery tickets) for this whole time finally received his gift!!:D

Today as hubby & I were making our way out I saw him cleaning the street and quickly asked my husband to stop the car so I could gift him. At first he was hesitant probably because I went up to him and said "Hey, what's your name?" It wasn't my clearest moment. I was just so happy to finally see him and be able to give him the gift I had for him this whole time. I simply introduced myself and let him know that I recently moved to the area and really love living here. I expressed how his regular cleaning of the surrounding neighborhood really makes an impact on me and my experience. I also told him that I had a gift for him. At which time I presented him with the scratchers, shook his hand, and introduced him to my husband. It was great because he seemed really surprised and told me that I made his day. He also said he would relay my message to his boss. YAY! It made me feel really good to let him know that I notice him and his work. Honestly, what he does means a lot to me. 

My other major give today was for Carriage Hope, which is the charity I am now working with regularly. I had a long, busy beginning of the day and waited too long to eat after breakfast. By mid afternoon I was starving and tired (this happen to anyone else?) Anyway, after lunch I got to it, worked on, and almost completed their entire website from scratch! I can't wait to present it to them. They have never had a website before. So this, along with the other items we are instituting are a really big deal and opportunity for their advancement. I pray it makes a huge, lasting, positive, impact. 

The last item I gave was a referral to my family specifically my Grandmother and Mother (who both were recently diagnosed with cancer) for fresh organic fruits and vegetables that would be delivered to their home inexpensively, along with recipes on how to make them. If any of you would like this information, let me know and I will provide it. Green leafy vegetables along with vegetables and fruits that are brightly colored are known to prevent, reduce, and sometimes assist in the curing of cancer. The also stave off a whole list of other diseases. 

May all of you be blessed with excellent health. Always, and forevermore. Big hugs and abundance wishes. See you tomorrow...

Monday, June 20, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 26. I Can't Believe I Only Have 3 Days Left...

Time flies when you're having fun. xo

29 Gifts, Day 26 I can't believe I have 3 days left....June 19, 2011 at 11:56pm

Hello there friends, today's giving was centralized on my husband. He is a wonderful man and my best friend. Not to mention he also has been a great father to my children. It being Father's Day, and current relations with our children being what they are, I had to let him know how special he is to me and them. After all, I know they love and appreciate us even if they don't fully understand or express it yet. As I have been adjusting to my new daily life without my kids it has become clearer and clearer to me that they cannot possibly "know" what we provided or did yet. How could they possibly understand a love, commitment, and sacrifice like what a parent provides for their kids at this stage? They are just kids yet themselves. ;)

Anyway, today I presented my hubby with his card and took him shopping. It was what he selected from the options I gave him to celebrate the day. I chose breakfast and lunch for us, spent time with him watching TV here at home and made him a healthy dinner. All in all it was a stellar day. <3

I also shared a great interaction with a "stranger" at Macy's while paying for my husband's items. It was great to connect with the man (David) and his daughter. In addition I cleaned up the stall a bit when I went to use their public restroom. Nothing major just put all the trash on the floor in the corner of the stall with my foot. I also left the water running for the woman who was waiting to use the sink after me with soap on her hands. 

I have been getting so much from this beautiful challenge. I feel connected, happy, and at peace most of the time. I feel increased confidence and I find that I remember people's names a lot more than I ever have in my life. I used to think I just didn't have that great a memory, I would remember interactions and stories but not names. But now, I remember peoples names and I'm sure it is because this experience has taken me out of myself. There is so much freedom in that. I have also experienced so many material blessings. I feel so blessed and grateful for everything. 

I hope that all of you had a great weekend. Having you as part of this experience means so much to me. I look forward to our interactions every day. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I can't believe I'm already on day 26. Love to you.. goodnight. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 25

Today was a fantastic day! There's a new subscriber YAY! Welcome Runce... I also got the kindest tweet:

" Biji Anchery 

 your 29 day challenge is awesome! I'm going to try to start it among my friends too...good luck with the rest of it!"

If you are inspired to start this free life changing challenge, join the community here. To buy the book responsible for starting this movement, please click here. There are no ads on this site, if I recommend anything it is because I actually experience and love it. I have also tried to make the blog as interactive as possible providing options for you at the end of each. You are a wondrous being. May you be filled with that knowledge every day.

29 Gifts, Day 25 June 19, 2011 at 12:52am

Hello there loves, back in from a long but wonderful day. I watched X-Men tonight and that was fun. I also had a great time at dinner and a wonderful morning DJing for some amazing kids at an organization called Hillsides

This was a real treat. I have DJ'ed some events for them in the past and it is great to see them although today was exceptionally good. This was a give because I charged a very nominal fee and I also provided some CD's and stickers for the kids along with a toy to be added to their prize table. I almost feel silly talking about it because doing this was natural for me although being a part of the giving challenge, made me think of how to maximize my gives to them and that manifested in some other stuff while I was actually playing. 

The other gives I gave today were a compliment to a girl with amazing hair, a lengthly intentional smile with a stranger, and a pen to a guy who was waiting behind me for the ATM (I ran back to my car to get one when he asked.)

Then there was this morning. I gave understanding, patience, and compassion with the order taker/cashier of the drive thru window this morning when after four separate times she just wasn't getting my order right. I even said jokingly, "You went out last night didn't you? Did you have a hot date?" To which she replied after we both shared a laugh, 'I wish I could go out but I can't now, I have my kids." It was amazing how such a simple interaction could bring our world's together and then we were simply two human beings joyously connected instead of a drive thru window and a frustrated customer. 

"Blessed are we engaged in this, these 29 days, where we give gifts." - Me

Love to you... <3

Saturday, June 18, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 24.

I Can't Believe There's Only 5 Days Left.

29 Gifts, Day 24June 18, 2011 at 1:04am

At breakfast I got a treat in being able to meet comedian Bill Hader from SNL. I gifted him with a compliment on his great work. It was cool to shake his hand and let him know how much I appreciate his talent.

Today my giving was mostly about Carriage Hope the charity I am working with. Right now we are really building things up. They have done a lot and made good strides but they had stalled so, there's a lot of work and revamping to do. I had agreed to meet them every Friday at 10 am. I had gone to sleep at about 4 am and did not want to get up when the alarm went off. However, I made it happen! Only to realize there had been a miscommunication and the meeting was to be at 11. DOH! 

Needless to say, with some rearranging of my schedule, I got back there at 11:30 and went to work. I shared some new ideas on how we can improve the flow of the thrift store. They felt these ideas were good and agreed to implement them. In addition, I managed to find a better solution for their website in another programmer. The person we had now wasn't answering emails let alone making any progress causing concern about meeting our deadline. I met some other key people on our team too. All in all it was a great meeting. I feel really excited about all of this. There is so much help we can provide together and I plan on doing all I can to help make this a success. What I got from this was a huge surprise. They would like to make me chairman of the board. It hasn't gone through yet as everyone needs to vote and agree but the fact they are considering it is really humbling and I consider it a great gift. 

The rest of the day was good. I have a DJ gig tomorrow & I spent some time preparing for it today. I also enjoyed some down time with my husband. A couple of times today I felt dismayed by my hubby. What I gave in these situations is patience and as much understanding as I could muster. I do love the man after all... :P

Anyway loves, I'm off to bed. My DJ gig will have me up early to drive over, set up, and play from 10-Noon. Love to you, sweet dreams. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 23


29 Gifts, Day 23June 17, 2011 at 3:08am

2:23 am typing in the dark cause hubby is sleeping, I just got in from filming the Orbit commercial.

I love my Macbook but wish the keys were illuminated. Anyway, I had so much fun!! We were on location,
the crew and fellow actors were wonderful, as was the food. :)
Today has been amazing. I even came home to a great stack of mail and nothing but songs I love on the drive home.

This morning started rough. My kids have been a cause of stress for me lately and this morning had me feeling bad and angry at an interaction with my daughter that was involving my son. I also was unusually tired. So much so, that I came home after breakfast and slept for 4 straight hours! I never do that. It was crazy. My gives started during this time.

I gave my daughter the truth. No anger, no guilt or blame, just the truth about how I feel and how I hope we could interact. She will send me a text and then just not respond to my response. I let her know I feel ignored when that happens and that if she'd like for me to respond to her immediately and continue to make her communications a priority, that I expect her to respond to me. I don't know if it's the "right" thing but it was a way for me to provide a possible understanding instead of just treating her differently. 

I gave my patience when our food came cold after waiting a while at breakfast.

I gave myself the chance to sleep with no judgements or guilt and respected what my body was telling me even though it didn't "make sense" because I had just gotten up, showered, communicated with my daughter, and ate breakfast.

I gave my best at today's shoot by arriving a half hour early, having good spirits, being polite and helpful wherever I could, and I gifted my last scratcher (lottery ticket) to my stylist. Once we were wrapped she was so pleased at how I returned the wardrobe. It was nothing special just hung back up and bagged but you'd be surprised how many people won't do these things. I was pleased at making the end of her day a little easier with this. Once I gave her the scratcher she was really touched. I only wished I had an extra one for our 2nd A.D (Assistant Director) he was so wonderful all day. I did give him my sincerest thanks though, letting him know how much I truly appreciated his guidance and demeanor.

All in all I've had a magnificent day. Love to all of you, goodnight.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 22

How are you enjoying this challenge so far? Any thoughts or motivations? You are always welcome to express yourself here. There are interactive things below each post in addition to commenting. To read the book responsible for starting this movement, click here. To join the love filled free community, click here. Thank you for reading! Big hugs.

29 Gifts, Day 22June 15, 2011 at 9:31pm

Ah what a wondrous day indeed. I had two fittings one each for the commercials I booked. This had me busy and so happy. With my giving in mind, this is what I did.

Before heading out to the fittings, I went to work on the Carriage Hope website. Compiling all the data and info that the webmaster will then put into the site. I also have been working on setting up their social media. They had none of this before. I feel really happy and motivated doing this because I know it is important they be as visible as possible so their mission of assisting underprivileged children and low income families can be achieved to the fullest. It is a joy to work on this cause and I can't wait to see how far they will grow. 

I also continued my giving on the road. I applied this principle yesterday and doing it today just felt natural so now I look for ways I can assist other drivers by letting them in, go ahead, etc. 

Another gift I gave today was to a fellow Actor. My two fittings today were across town from one another. One was at 2 pm (in Hollywood) and the other at 4 (in Santa Monica.) LA traffic can be intense at times and my first fitting ran late because the ad agency wanted to see everyone in person to review the wardrobe the stylists and the director approved during the fitting. Because of this, I was a little over an hour late to my second fitting. I had been in communication with the stylist at the second appt. so they were all super understanding but, an actor meant to be my boyfriend in the second spot was held to wait for me so we could be seen and reviewed together. To make matters worse for him, his appt. time was at 3:15 so he was well over the 2 hour mark because of my delay. Even though it was not any fault of my own, I felt really bad about it so I gifted him with a scratcher (lottery ticket) in addition to a heartfelt apology. I just happened to have a couple in my wallet because I have someone in mind that I want to gift with these but I haven't run into him. Anyway, that felt really good and he was not only super understanding but surprised.

Blessed are we engaged in this, these 29 days, where we give gifts.

Love to you. <3

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 21

Hi friends, here is my shortest post yet. Thanks for reading, xo

29 Gifts, Day 21June 14, 2011 at 8:31pm

Hi y'all! :D

Today my gives were simple so this shall be my shortest post yet. Here's what I gave:

I allowed every driver & pedestrian a path in front of me. People needing to turn, get in the lane, etc.. I had 2 bad cut offs one which gave me a moment of anger but I kept the give in mind and that agitation was immediately released. 

I set up Carriage Hope (the charity I now work with regularly) with credit card processing. They have a thrift shop and were cash only before. Hopefully this improves their monetary intake.
At a callback audition I immediately gave some girls a rubber band to tie back their hair. Even though my hair is short I sometimes wear the black ouchless bands like bracelets so when they found themselves in the dilemma I immediately just handed some bands over. 
Lastly, I sent out some thank you cards to casting directors. I am really grateful for these two commercials I just booked and I wanted to let them know how much I appreciate it. 

Anyway, that's my day!! Love and light to all of you, I gotta run cause I'm super hungry. I'm off to make some eggs and veggies! Goodnight. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 20!!! The Gifts Are On Me!

Here it is my milestone day! Thank you for reading. To purchase and read the book responsible for this movement, click here. To join this FREE amazing community and challenge, click here. May you be blessed in all you do. <3

29 Gifts, Day 20!!!! The Gifts Are On Me!June 13, 2011 at 11:48pm

Oh em gee, I can't believe today is my 20th day! Can I be honest? I stopped counting some time ago. Every time I put up a new post, I just check my blog to see what the day before was. Jeepers, had I known today was day 20, I would've done more. but then again, maybe this milestone day is what made it so magical...

At breakfast today our waitress gave us some delicious special cherries from a small farm near her mother's home in Fresno. That alone was a total gift and surprise but then she put some in a to go cup for us to take home! :D
A DJ gig I recently booked scheduled for July 9th had requested a special edited mix that I had agreed to do. Then their request turned into much more than specified. When I replied I reminded them of this but let them know I would do what I can to work this out for them asking them to be understanding with the finished product (it being way out of the scope of what was agreed upon) Today they emailed me both of the mixes, giving me a much easier way to satisfy their request. YAY! I love it when things go smoothly and easily!
Lastly, and this is a BIGGIE, I booked another national commercial!! This one is for Ford and will be shooting next week in Seattle! I am over the moon happy and excited. Praise God, praise 29 gifts, praise giving, praise all of you. 

I maintain that this experience truly is life changing. Whether I am blessed with tangible gifts or amazing feelings and connections, I am always blessed with something even when the farthest thing from my mind is getting anything for myself. 

As for my gives today, I purchased some scratchers (lottery tickets) for a gentleman I have been wanting to gift for some time. I took out the trash in our apartment (one of the chores I usually leave for the guys)  and I also bought dinner for my hubby. 

Prosperity, abundance, love, and connections to ALL of you. This is my wish. Forevermore. <3

Sunday, June 12, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 19

Coming to my blog today and seeing I had a new subscriber made me so happy! There have been 2 new additions recently. Welcome Murt and Amanda! To any of you that are reading these I hope that you see the magic, wonder, blessings, fulfillment and more that can be found on this journey. With that said, here's day 19!

29 Gifts, Day 19June 12, 2011 at 9:46pm

Today my intention was to give as many gifts as I naturally could. While I am mindful of giving daily, I wanted it to be authentic and so here is what I did.

I saw a ball buried in some flowers and while walking back to my car, I took the ball out and gave it to the girls that were playing in their front yard. They were surprised and happy saying thank you as I went back across the street.
On the way to a callback audition I had scheduled today I smiled, greeted, and held open the door for some fellow actors also allowing them to sign in before me. They were all gracious and appreciative. To be honest that whole experience was quite wonderful.
While at this callback audition I used the restroom which was individual sized (unlike a public restroom with many stalls) I had used the last bit of toilet paper and so I stocked the bathroom with toilet paper I found under the sink and wiped off the excess water around the sink and counter.
I complimented a woman on her fabulous shoes.
I stopped by and left a note of gratitude and good health wishes for an acting coach that had to close his studio for health reasons this week.
While at the gas station I walked over to grab the window squeegee. Walking back, I realized the car behind us was lifting their wiper blades so I gave the squeegee over to him so that he could use it and then walked over to another set of pumps and got one to use myself.
At a Target dressing room I brought back my clothes as usual except this time I included all the extra hangers left behind by other shoppers in all the other vacant dressing rooms. 
Lastly, I signed a petition.

Today was wonderful. I had fun, felt good and also experienced some amazing gifts myself. Because my callback was in Santa Monica, hubby and I went to a restaurant we used to frequent in the Pacific Palisades. While there a waitress I know asked how my acting career was going and I informed her about the Orbit commercial I just booked. She looked at me straight in the eye genuinely and excitedly wishing me prosperity. I was immediately reminded of the enthusiasm I feel when wishing this for others and I immediately felt it mirrored back at me. I was so touched. I also recieved an unexpected post on my facebook wall from Jeremy the high school grad I DJ'ed for on Friday: Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for everything last Friday. My friends are still raving about the party and how great the DJ was! YAY! I feel so blessed. May all of you feel the blessings and richness I have on this journey. <3

29 Gifts, Day 18

1:04 am. Here we are real time at last. I usually wait until right before I go to bed to post my giving blog as that is when I consider my day to be over and all my giving to be done. Thank you so much for your readership. May we all experience and be great impacts on one another's lives. Blessings to you. <3

29 Gifts, Day 18June 12, 2011 at 1:00am

No intention today still I thought of giving, here's what I managed to do:

 Helped my apt. cleaning lady by throwing out some trash that was left by a tenant in an unexpected place.
Had hubby pull aside a car that was driving without their headlights so I could inform them.
Prayed for a persons good health when an ambulance came for a tenant in a neighboring building.
Gave my husband & room mate the gift of an easy way to copyright our material as we all produce original works. 
Gave lots of smiles and eye contact at everyone I could throughout the day.

Today was different in that I did not get the usual reciprocation as I normally do. A lot of people did not smile back or engage in eye contact. Still, aside from noticing it, it didn't matter to me and that I feel was a gift to me. :) I also received the following gifts today:

I confirmed the car focus group which will bring some money my way and I always appreciate that! :) I also got two great messages:

From the man who hired me to DJ last night: Thank you for the value and impact you had on the party last night. Jeremy was over the moon. He said his friends really enjoyed themselves. We know the family did, as showcased by his 87 year old grandfather on the dance floor. Honestly I was a little nervous about his pacemaker. See you next Saturday at Hillsides, 

& from my girlfriend who I sent the necklace to on Day 8: Hiya Soul Sistah' Thank you for the cross necklace, I wear it everyday. Thank you Tee' I Love You. :) Good things have been happening all week & its just the beginning.

I am grateful to be so blessed and I will strive everyday to be a blessing to others. Sweet dreams!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

29 Gifts, Days 16 & 17. I didn't lie, I lagged...

Hey there, today is my 18th day on this challenge so, when I write and post that blog to the 29 Gifts community I will also post it here to get it all real time like I have been promising. I am happy to report I have been super busy so my apologies for having the back log of these two. This experience is magical and I hope you're inspired and happy at taking this journey with me. I appreciate having you and welcome you to get it on it for free if you wish. If you'd like to buy & read the book, that's here.

29 Gifts, Day 16
June 9, 2011 at 9:19pm
Today has been wonderful! I'll get right into it. My intention? "Today I give my love." 

My apartment building has a cleaning lady that daily makes everything nice for all of us. She does a stellar job and always does it with a beautiful attitude. Aside from stopping to talk to her and letting her know how much her service means to me, I also gave her a scratcher (lottery ticket) as a gift. I thought it would be a fun little token with the possibility of some cash. This made me happy although I'm not done with her yet. I will see to it that all her bosses know how awesome she is. ;)

I told the waitress how lovely she is at breakfast. She was so polite, attentive, and courteous. Like a warm hug incarnate. Looking straight into her eyes and telling her how wonderful she is, I could tell she understood how much I appreciated her. I tell you, pages of communication could pass through a connected gaze. 

I gave my husband the gift of fixing up his cables and putting away some items he had left out when he got and set up his new desk this week. He was so happy to receive this. I know it was a relief for him to have it done and not have to think about it. 

I vacuumed and mopped my room mates bathroom and rearranged an item he has in the hallway. I don't plan on telling him unless he asks, Hopefully, he'll be able to get into his room easier. 

I called my Mom because I knew she was going to see the oncologist today and even though she said she would call me and let me know, I let the "office hours" pass and once I was sure she would be out of her Dr.'s appt. I called her. This turned into a wonderful conversation. I let her do most of the talking and shared some laughs with her at the end. I also opened up a possibility for her to feel relief in regards to my Grandmother's cancer. That's in the works, but at least she knows it as a possibility. 

I also screamed out a "Thank you for your service" to some firemen I saw while driving today. I love firemen and al they do. 

I've gotten a lot today. I feel great, have been breezing through items, and I got an unexpected opportunity to earn some $ doing some car market research. I LOVE CARS!! I've done this once before and was able to test drive a bunch of vehicles for 2 hrs and earn some cash but this is something you don't call on, they call you. So, getting this opportunity made me happy. I hope to seal the deal tomorrow as we played phone tag today. 

Cheers to another day of great giving. Love to all of you. Goodnight. 

29 Gifts, Day 17
June 11, 2011 at 3:21am
2:46 am I almost forgot to post!! Today's been amazing everyone! Can't wait to let you know what unfolded.. my intention, "Today I give my all." 

I woke up with a sense of purpose and quickly got ready. Heading out to one of our favorite breakfast spots, I gifted a woman with a compliment on how well she was put together. She was surprised and pleased commenting, "My goodness what a nice thing to hear first thing in the morning." I told her to stay exactly as she was all day cause she looked BANGIN'! That gave me and her much joy. I also gifted a "bus girl" (she clears plates and helps with drinks but isn't a waitress) named Griselda a scratcher (lottery ticket) and wished her a happy Friday. She is always so nice and does her job so well. I hope she won something.. :)

I shared a laugh & short convo with an artist on the street. There was a mutual benefit to this. Smiling & laughter are magical.

I went straight to a business meeting for the charity I now work with regularly and happily showed them what I've done so far to set up their web presence and marketing. I ran the meeting, met new people, and informed them of some revenue generating ideas I have. They loved it and I was happy to do it. What I got from this was a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence in this area. I also got a chance at passive income from setting up their credit card processing. It will be nominal but that is still a blessing to me and I am grateful.

I came home briefly and rushed out to a DJ gig where I gave my all by going beyond the scope of what was initially discussed. Not only did I earn good money, I felt great, and got a lot of compliments and thank yous. I also had fun.

The last 3 ways I gave my all were responding with a thank you when my son sent me a scathing email, calling my brother to show support for some crazy news he just received, and writing this blog right now to be honest. I've had a gloriously long day and am tired.

But there has been so much magic friends.. like I said earlier I made money twice today. I have the focus group opportunity pending, I also got a callback scheduled this weekend and I booked an Orbit commercial!!!!

Prosperous abundant wishes to all of you. Big love! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

29 Gifts, Days 13-15

This is it!! After today we are all caught up which means shorter, real time, 29 Gifts blogs! Thank you for your patience and readership up to this point. I hope you are seeing how magical this challenge really is. There is nothing to buy or sign up for which makes it a wonderful low pressure thing to be a part of if you are inspired to do so. The community is here, the book here, and for those of you that are new, you can read the previous days of my journey by scrolling through my blogs. They are all entitled 29 Gifts with the corresponding days following. OK! May you all be blessed with the absolute best people, places, and things in your lives today and always. Any subscriptions, comments, and sharing is greatly appreciated. Love to you. Thank you for reading!

29 Gifts, Day 13. Goodness!!June 6, 2011 at 11:11pm

Hello there! Today has been outrageously busy and fun and cool. I'm sorry to report that I again did not have an intention to my giving I just had the overwhelming urge to give. This shows me that I am fully in the challenge although I do prefer having an intention behind it simply because it then seems to color my day in that feeling... Anyone else experience this? Anyway, here's what I gave and here's what I got. 

I gave a fellow actress the full low down on my haircut when she asked about it. I consider this a gift because some girls are so secretive about their stuff. Ladies, you know you've experienced this before.. ;) What I got from it was a wonderful experience sitting and gabbing with this girl like old friends even though we'd just met. 

I shared lots of smiles and hellos today. What I get from giving this gift is such a warm and wonderful feeling. It also makes me feel so connected, happy, and confident. Sure, there are some people that don't smile or answer but it happens very rarely and even when it does, I am still left feeling good inside. 

I paid for treats from Canter's deli. Some rugula and black & white cookies that my husband was craving. 

& lastly,

I got up and got some napkins for a man that was coughing his poor heart out. I'm talking watery eyes, drool, just having a rough go at it. In the past something like this would have freaked me out because I like things clean and turn away from germs. However, what I got and am getting from this is that people and our connections are everything. Those hang ups I had have been diminishing if not fading away completely. His look of gratitude really spoke to me. As have the other touching moments I have experienced so far. Sometimes, most times, a moment the duration of the blink of an eye transcends the universe. Everything makes sense, in that connection. 

I am happy to report I have been auditioning my butt off and I have a callback tomorrow. That's one step closer to a booking. YAY! I have felt great and before where I was feeling stuck and confused with all of the things that had been going on in my life, I now feel energized and filled with ideas and purpose. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love to all, goodnight. <3
29 Gifts, Day 14. Saddle up!June 7, 2011 at 8:47pm

Egads friends today has been a doozy. My giftly intention today was "I give my service and I give my faith." This came to me and felt perfect after I struggled coming back home from my callback audition today. Sometimes things don't appear as we'd like them to and so I had a moment of uncertainty (for the story please go to my O.G. blog) but once my intention came over me it allowed me to stay in the game and keep pushing. Here's what I gave today....

I stopped what I was doing in mid preparation for my day and went over to give my hubby a long hug and kiss good morning. I woke up before him and was not only not trying to bother him but in the swing of things. He gave me something right back by showing such love and his undivided attention even though when I walked over to him he was checking his phone. 

I gave my contact info to a fellow actress signed with my agency. This was upon her request based on our agent's recommendation. What I got from it was a possible connection and a good time spent in the moment. 

I shared the news about a courageous little girl and her amazing family via my blog in hopes that her message would be passed. They are awesome people and I came across it while in a funk this morning. What I got out of this was getting to know them a little bit and a huge dose of much needed perspective. 

I prepared my husband a healthy lunch when he started feeling like having a mid day coffee. This is usually a sign he's getting hungry so I whipped up something good and healthy for the both of us. This gave me a chance to sit with him and enjoy a meal and he gave me a wonderful sincere compliment when he tasted his food. 

I gave tears of joy to a friend and tears of gratitude to the Lord for the miracle I witnessed today. Even now I'm getting emotional thinking about it. Remember the friend I sent the necklace to on Day 8? She text me to let me know she'd gotten hired as a receptionist today!!!! 6 days ago she was facing eviction and everything was upside down. No job, no prospects. Now this!! Praise God.

I want to share some more miracles with you. This morning's financial worry was eradicated with news of more money in our accounts than we'd thought, 2 auditions and another callback for me tomorrow, and an opportunity (if approved) for me to DJ another event beginning of next month! All of these opportunities came in a flurry this afternoon. I am humbled, grateful, and amazed by this experience. I am sharing it with people via my original blog in hopes they get in on this too. May we all get miracles in our lives. Today and always. Love to you!
29 Gifts, Day 15June 8, 2011 at 10:53pm

Today has been sheer magic friends. I will try to make it short because there is so much to share. My intention for the day was, "Today I give my best." This is what that looked like. 

I spent extra time preparing for my day's appointments. Made it to all of them on time or early. Gave my all at my auditions and callback. Spoke to fellow actors in the room and genuinely wished them well & I thanked the casting directors and session runners. This made me so happy and it seemed to have the same effect on them. My energy was way up and I made a new friend today in a fellow actress. 

I smiled and talked to people throughout the day. Giving as much positivity to others at every opportunity. This included while driving and walking around my fair city. I got a great feeling out of this and felt connected to others. 

I sent love via text to 2 of my girlfriends, called my Grandmother to give her my love and support, and texted my brothers to let them know how much I love them and am here for them.

I gave my most professional, attentive, expeditious service to a client of mine. They are frazzled due to their upcoming event and my goal is to put them not only at ease but to go above and beyond to please them. This is the DJ opportunity I spoke of yesterday... It's been confirmed!!! :D

I finally got to visit the church that Cami references in the 29 Gifts book. It's near my home and I had been meaning to check it out since I read about it. My visit today was premeditated but the timing couldn't have been more divine. I felt at home there and will definitely be returning.

Lastly, I called my Mother back immediately. Her and I have never had a close or good relationship. For example, when my son left home, I was going through the ringer. I sent out an email to my "family" to inform them of what had happened. She didn't even answer me. I could go on but let's just say that when it comes to a mother daughter relationship, the only one I know of is the one I have created with my daughter. This is part of the reason I cherish all of you beautiful angels so much. Aside from my close girlfriends, my grandmother, and my daughter, I haven't known much about the female bond. Because my son leaving was recent I could've chosen to not answer her or postponed calling her back. Plus, I was rushing from my day's events to this new church I had been planning to attend. But with my giftly intention in mind I called right back. It turns out she was just diagnosed with throat cancer. Naturally overwhelmed at this news I took a deep breath quickly swallowing my up and coming tears and remained poised and collected offering her any and all help I could including my prayers for her health. This news seems ironic and strange because the only female caregiver and support I have ever known which is my beloved Grandmother (her mother) was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer of the blood) in May. I stayed on the phone with her until she was done, giving her my full attention, love, offers of support, and then went into the wonderful church and filled out a prayer request in both of their honor. 

I did my best today and one of the things I got from that was a wonderful feeling that is still with me. A feeling of peace, a feeling of love and a faith that anything else that might be needed although out of my hands, is taken care of. 

Let's please cherish every moment. Love to you. <3