Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things To Do in L.A. The Renaissance Faire!!

Goodness gracious, the Renaissance Faire... I just went on Sunday and I had a blast! There is so much to do, see, and experience. Located at The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale, it feels remote once you are inside, but you will be surprised how much "civilization" is around as you drive up. Tickets are readily available online at the gate or even at select Walgreens stores.  This weekend 5/18, 19, 20 is the FINAL weekend and it is their 50 year anniversary this year so if you have been wondering what's up with the Renaissance Faire, I'd encourage you to get going!

Although you don't have to spend a lot of money I would suggest taking as much as you can muster for this event because there is plenty of food, drinks, activities, and LOTS of cool stuff available for purchase.  This time I engaged in the food and drink and when I go again I plan on making it a little more of a shopping trip. ;)

As far as dress is concerned, you are more than welcome to dress up in Renaissance gear which is another thing I will engage in the next time I go. If not, that is perfectly fine too. When we went, we saw the opening ceremony, a joust, the Queen's court, tons of cool costumes and outfits, loads of food, activities, a lake, ducks, lots of goodies I wanted to buy, a "naughty" show with sexy jokes, and much more. I also saw fairies, strapping men, and quite a few bosoms... Hello corsets!!!

And now, for some pictures!!

So many things I wanted to buy

Will you find these?

The Queen is coming!

The most delicious ale ;)

I almost thought she was a statue until she moved!

Beautiful and entrancing, this one...

Ah bring on the mischief indeed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finding A Home For Your Cats Pt. 2

Last I wrote, I was frustrated and struggling. I had created a chain of events that was much harder to navigate than I had originally estimated. When creating your life, this is sometimes what happens. At one time we (hubby and I) had 4 pets and two kids living at home. We both continued to strive toward our personal goals but our family life definitely held the forefront. The majority of my life to this point has been all I've known. Putting other people first.

Soon, things started to change. We found a paradise of a home for our turtle. He went to live in a lake with another turtle and koi fish on a private property in Malibu. Then we found a fantastic home for our beloved doggie PJ. He went to live with my Mom were instead of being one of the bunch of us, he is the prince of the house! He's the only child there and he gets all the love, attention, and goodies a dog could ever want.

Then one by one my two kids left. Now they are off, playing house like we all do when we are learning what it is like to be on our own. Their absence was hard to handle. I struggled.

Eventually, it was my husband and I with our last two pets. 2 cats. My furry baby Leo, and our other cat Queenie.

Allergies developed. I couldn't hold Leo close like I used to anymore, we got a purifier to help but I missed rubbing faces and would sometimes take the chance only to find myself rubbing my eyes out for hours afterward. I started to entertain the thought of building a life with just my husband and me. A new adventure. A new place with no cats or cat hair or allergic reactions.

I put the plan in motion. We started looking for a home for our cats. We started looking for a place of our own. We signed a lease on a place with a no pet policy. Then I hit a wall. It was harder to find a home for them than I thought. I got worried and scared. What would happen when we moved?

By the grace of God my mother struck up a conversation with someone at the Pet Smart in her area and it turned out she was in a position to possibly help. The timing turned out where 2 spots opened up at a Petco in the area, a rescue was able to have them live there until they get adopted. We went from wondering what was going to happen to getting a call the evening before we would have to drop them off to take advantage of this opportunity. It was the best blessing and the hardest to receive.

It tore my heart in two to give up Leo.

He was my special friend and will be the only cat I will ever love. I cried a lot that day. Not just tears, sobs. I had to lay down and sleep after a while. I had to write about it and talk it out. It hurt me real bad. My husband too. But we did it. And we are grateful for the opportunity we were given.

I don't write a lot about the hardships that go into making your life what you want it to be and that is something I will be changing. Tee-riffic will always be about creating your best life but in doing so we all have to go through something. It would be great if all our dreams came true without us having to leave the couch but that isn't a reality. I want to share this with you so you can keep going and push when your faced with a decision that hurts but will be better for you in the long run. Every time, these hard decisions are best for the other people or kitties, ;) involved too.

Trying to find a home for your pet? Try this:

1.Reach out to your friends and family first. You know them well, and they know you and most likely our pet.
2.Ask your vet for leads, talk to your groomer. They may know someone.
3.Create posters with your pets picture and information to post up at animal friendly places like your local pet stores, etc.
4. Try or

If you do reach out to adoption agencies you will sadly learn that most do not help private parties and you may run into a bead attitude or two. Don't take this to heart, I believe this is because they are inundated with lovely animals that have no homes and are finding themselves overwhelmed. What I learned is that these agencies seem to get their animals from shelters when the shelter is about to euthanize an animal because it hasn't been adopted. Still, if you feel in your heart like reaching out to them, try it! You may get lucky and get some help. A list of organizations can be found at the

Good luck!

May you always find the rainbow that awaits you after the rain.