Friday, January 21, 2011


How are you? Today's been weird. Not hard, not easy, just trying.. what's up with that? I think it could be because I'm going through a lot of change and growth right now. It seems my week was littered with an on day off day kinda deal where I'd have one really powerful day and the next I'd be really tired or crabby. Anyone else go through this?

I guess it just feels like I am being tested. Like, can you take the pressure and work your goals require? How serious are you? Check out this distraction, will you fold? It's weird. The other night after an extremely powerful phenomenal day, I found myself crying in bed. I mean, I wanted to just sob. How weird is that? Here I was just overcome. I can tell you it took me by surprise but just imagine how crazy it looked to my sweetheart in bed next to me. He's like, what happened? What's wrong? And there I was, just crying like, "I don't know"...

I've been wanting to share what I'm going through here on my blog for a few weeks now but I've been afraid because it's BIG stuff having to do with business, spirituality, GOD, and I guess even though I know it's amazing, real, and I want to share it with you so you can benefit too, I also wonder will they think I'm crazy????

Ultimately, no matter what there's always a chance you could think I'm crazy and I guess in truth sometimes I can be. I think you have to be a little "out of your mind" to be bold, successful, and strong in your faith.

A famed modern day spiritual leader named Neale Donald Walsch had this to say on his Twitter the other day: "Your feelings never lie. They do not know how to. They tell U exactly what U are being in any moment." I know he's right.

Remember my crying the other night? Once I reflected on that, I realized that my feelings did reveal something I didn't want to admit to myself. I had allowed myself to believe wholeheartedly in something and when it didn't pass, my great disappointment and my being overwhelmed at everything going on, just came out. No matter how much I tried to hold on to the joy of everything else I was experiencing.

So what are you feeling? How was your day? My day was just blah and that's... OK.

With love and acceptance,


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Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's Get Our Zen On!

If you're new to the blog, welcome. I have just had a big move and now live near the ocean for the first time and it's amazing. Every day, there's is something different to take from it and I figured, why not share the love??

No matter where you are, now you have a bit of the ocean with you whenever you want! So go ahead and get your zen on! There's no wrong way...

Sending you full expressions of health, wealth, and happiness. Ommmm..... ; )

Monday, January 10, 2011

on the MOVE...

After almost a year in the process I am so happy to report that I've sold my condo and moved! It is so awesome.  In this market it was a process to sell property and since it was my first time ever owning something, I didn't like having to wait for all of that to settle before I could move. Alas, it has been done!

I really had a great realtor and really, I couldn't have done it without him... I recommend him highly to anyone interested in buying or selling a home especially homes in the San Fernando Valley:

Clark Hill 
Century 21 All Moves 

Now I've gone from living in the Valley to living by the Ocean and it is so amazing... even though I'm an L.A. Native there's still so much new!! New sights, sounds,

commutes, experiences, inspiration, people.

I'm having the time of my life completely reenergized, grateful, and focused. The other day I was marveling at how all of my errands were accomplished in an area I had previously only gone for fun. It's so incredible to be living where in the past, I've only come to play.

Big things are happening for me this year. It is my vision we all make big moves this year. Cheers to that.

and cheers to all of you....

Friday, January 7, 2011


Relaxed, happiness, dazed, dreamlike, focused, excited, nervous. I can't help but think about my guys too. I miss them so much and keep seeing things that remind me of them. :*( 

The transfer in Vegas was awesome. I sat down at my favorite slot machine and won $250.00 on one pull!! I got up with almost 300 in winnings off of $20!! Yeah HOO that's what I'm talkin' about! 

Having never been to Washington, I'm super excited to see what it's like. I hope I'll be warm enough with my Cali layers. Trying to build a warm AND coordinated outfit was a challenge. I don't even own anything waterproof!   :O  I should be landing in a little bit and just look at what I've seen outside of my window.. Don't the clouds look frozen? 

Even the side of the plane feels cool! LOL

Once I landed, I was met by the nicest people and whisked away to get something to eat then off to wardrobe, makeup, and set to shoot! 

After, I was taken to The Davenport Hotel which turned out to be a real treat!! Turns out the Davenport is a landmark and the place responsible for putting Spokane on the map! They had great service and lovely rooms. What do you think?

Spokane itself is really lovely..

& just like that it's time to head back home! 

Yay Washington!! I can't wait to go back.. Cheers to more travel adventures in acting! :D