Friday, July 29, 2011

Tee-riffic: Awkward

Say you're up for an opportunity alongside someone you really like, care about, or even love. You get the opportunity. Everything goes well. As a matter of fact it is quite literally the answer to some of your prayers. Naturally you are feeling amazing. High. Exhilarated. 

Until you aren't. Your person didn't get it. As a matter of fact their experience was quite the opposite of yours. It was bad. They feel bad. Now, so do you. Shit.

Awkward. Now what? Not only is your moment completely taken away but you genuinely feel bad. You're on console mode. You mean every word, but it sucks. You wish your person would have gotten a chance too. And as sad as you are for your person, you're happy for you and want to give this blessing it's full light. 

I wish I knew what to say and how to make this better. This happened to me today and it was further exacerbated this evening when the situation came up again while speaking to a friend. I love my person. I'm sorry they didn't get it. But I also feel they should buck up, these things happen all the time. Remember my magical day as an Actor last post? I didn't hear anything from any of those opportunities. I could sit and feel bad or defeated but I don't. Who knows?! I may or may not get any of them. I had fun and most importantly I tried. There have been countless times I have been in the presence of this same person and they have gotten praise or opportunities that I didn't get. I didn't make that mean I am not good enough. Why on Earth would I do that? Why would any of us? We are all amazing wonderful beings. 

Cheers to that. Cheers to you. Cheers to my person who is still amazing. And by golly, cheers to me for getting this lovely blessing today. I am excited and super grateful. Thank you God. I may not have let it shine bright, but I have been beaming about it. All day. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tee-riffic: Auditionlicious. A magical day In the Life of An Actor

3 audition notices last night had me picking wardrobe, mapping out my locations, running lines, and getting to bed early. Today was amazing from the start. Here's how it went down...

Woke up showered, dressed, headed out to eat:

Once done, loaded up my car and drove to my first location. Ran lines the whole way there. Parking spot was found right in front. YES. First audition had me pregnant. Complete with strap on belly. I also had a set and props. Awesome. I felt good and had fun. *Preparation is everything... ;)

Back to car for clothes, off to change at facility bathroom. Headed out to next location. Arrival? On time. Parking spot opened up right before me. YES. On way to studio, 3 beautiful white butterflies encircled my path. Is this really happening?? It did. Thank you God. I seriously reached out to one inviting it to land on my hand. A little Disney sure but hey I'm a "seize the day" type so why not try right? There was a slight wait but no shortage of entertainment. A phony cricket had me and many others fooled. I almost screamed. Thank goodness I didn't. There were child actors dressed up as ladybugs and bees, a casting director that wasn't having the best day somehow making it all seem so comical. What a wonderful life indeed. I got to play. I had fun. I interacted. So fulfilling..

Audition #3 was also on the west side. One of my loveliest friends lives in the area and she had been on my mind. I got to visit her and spend some time. A cherished few hours and delicious Thai lunch later, I was off to what I thought as my 3rd and final audition. 

Enter the casting office and there's an explosion of sound. Like a hen house. Just a bunch of ladies, a lot of New Yorkers, and a little chaos. It was awesome. While waiting I greeted some of the casting directors I know there and got invited to audition for another project. YES!!! Amazing. I ran back to my car (where I *have some spare clothes for surprise auditions) and changed my top to read for this new project. I then was up to go in for what was originally my 3rd opportunity. I left soaring with the clouds. Happy, grateful, excited. I love what I do. I had never had 4 auditions in a day before and to have so many other amazing things happen, I was and still am on top of the world. So much so, I just sang all the way home.

The items in this blog that have asterisks are tips to fellow actors. 
To those that appreciate the photographs, have iPhones, and wish to create their own or "follow" me and all my pics, go to Instagram for fun, fun, fun!! I'm teemareedotcom :)

Perspective is everything and while I get to be a lot because I'm an Actor, what I choose to be most is happy. Won't you join me?? 

Big love, enjoy your weekend. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tee-riffic: Feeling Like a Raving Bitch.

I'm having the worst monthly visit EVER... I feel terrible. All crampy and crabby and cranky. I just want to retreat to a cave or maybe go to sleep or mayyyybe continue my work from a cave via candlelight. Far away from other human beings that expect me to be normal when my body is acting like the biggest brat. Or wuss. "For heaven's sake woman!! You know the drill can't you just buck up?!? It's not like we haven't been through this before." My mind yelling at me doesn't drown out my body's laughing. I really think it's teasing me. Damn you I think, why can't you just go away and never come back!!! Then I quickly realize that if that were the case I'd either be pregnant or in menopause.

I don't think so.

So what's a gal to do?? Aside from over the counter help, I've apologized a lot. Namely to my husband. Poor chap. I've reached out to friends and family. I've counted my blessings. I've broken out my heating pad. Geez, I sound like a geezer. Ah well, I guess I have another apology to make. To you. 

I'm sorry. 

Perhaps this blog isn't so Tee-riffic after all. No chipper zip pity do dah. Just me, my feelings, and a mundane moment in time. Or maybe this is the most Tee-riffic because it shows that you needn't be super human to be on top. You can just choose to be. And I do. Monthly visitor be damned. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tee-riffic: Money In The Bank, Actor Style

Stevie Wonder "Master Blaster" plays via my white iHome and I type this out to you from my home office excited and soaring really because it's impossible to be sad or upset if you are counting your blessings. Today my agent let me know my check is ready. One of many I look forward to receiving. This one though, is from an Orbit commercial shoot.

Everything about this experience has been awesome. The audition, the callback, being put on avail and getting booked. Then there's the fun of the fitting and finally off to the set! Every person on this shoot was friendly, professional, and fun. I met a fellow actor named Ari who was so cool. I don't have a picture with him, but here are some pictures of the rest:

Oh, we're feeling fancy now! :P

"My" trailer..

With the loveliest makeup artist. Love learning about new techniques!

Delicious food. Ceviche, salad, prime rib, halibut, brown rice, and veggies! For desert I chose a hot chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. YUM...

Last but certainly not least, the star of the spot, the Orbit girl. Her name is Faris and she is SO sweet. 

Cheers to money in the bank for all of us. Thanks for reading. xo

Tee-riffic: Buzzin with ideas!

2:22 am, can't believe I'm up like this! Energetic even though an occasional yawn escapes my lips. Tons of ideas swirling around in my head. Some on paper, some I have started to implement. Things are buzzin'! I'm buzzin'!!! I wonder who is out there right now feeling just like me. What do you do when you're bursting with ideas? 

Sometimes family, relationships, responsibilities, weigh us down. I know there have been times my idea well has seem to run dry and then there are times the ideas are gushing out of me. I think I feel like this now because I have been changing a lot and continue to change a lot in my life. In the past seven months I have had changes spanning where I live, what I do, what I eat, how I spend and budget my money, what I wear, and who I have surrounding me. I am certain this has a lot to do with what is now coming to me. What do you think? Ever experience anything like this before?

I personally am happy at all of this new-ness. Some of the things I am doing to welcome it are:

Immediately acting on opportunities.
Continually embracing things with excitement.
Expressing gratitude.
Allowing myself to capture whatever might come at me next. I keep my iPhone right next to me while I sleep on my nightstand. In my nightstand? I have a pen along with a couple of journals. You never know when you'll need to write down an idea, thought, or dream.. :)

Although I can't speak on all the "new" I have up my sleeve, here are a couple photos of some little ways I've newed up my style:

I felt super fancy in this hat I got for less than $20. Bonus on the super sun protection. :)
This mani I put together myself yesterday. Had fun & love the results.

I hope to hear what's new with you whether you are in a surplus or just hoping to get the juices flowing. Cheers to fun, new, prosperous ventures for all of us.  xo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

29 Gifts, What Can I Say? I'm a Giver

It all started when I stumbled across a book, "29 Gifts In 29 Days, How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life" by Cami Walker. I was just cruising the bookstore. I didn't plan on buying anything because although I love to read, I had new books in the cue, waiting for me. None of that mattered though. I picked it up, bought it, took it home, and read it in a day. I started the 29 day challenge, the very next day. The rest is her-story. :)

For those of you that read through my 29 day challenge thank you. I really appreciated having you come along with me. It has changed my life. I shared it with you in the hopes you would be turned on by this movement and add some goodness to your life too. If any of you were, please share. Publicly or privately, I'd love to hear how things are going for you. You can reach me here via a comment, or at www.29gifts.orglook me up!

I am now on the 6th day of my 2nd round. I started again after an 8 day "break." Break is in quotes because giving is now a regular part of my life, I only broke from blogging about it. ;) I plan on sharing a lot of goodness with all of you so you can expect to hear about this again although it may not be as regular as when I was doing my first round. Because I have been blogging more, I have also been reading more blogs and some people are so self defeating with their stuff. I am not that person. I am not ashamed or weirded out by saying something is great! As a matter of fact, I consciously choose things I can say that about. So cheers! Cheers to the good life, to love, prosperity, wonder, joy, amazement, blessings, passion, excitement, confidence, giving, receiving, and ALL that jazz.

Love to you!