Friday, July 27, 2012

Filming for Ford in Seattle

A lot of people will say that being an Actor is tough. The rejection, the uncertainty, the constant chasing for affection... do they like me?? Will I get chosen?? Blah....

In life we all have our paths to choose and when it comes to me and Acting, I can only say that I love it. I love the creativity, fun, and "uncertainty" of it all. I get to play. I get to be. I get to do. In my acting career I have been blessed with quite a few opportunities. Some may be judged as bigger or better than others, some less or more important. Each time I have been able to act, be, do, play I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am always grateful to get to do my thing. 

This time, however was one of the best so far.....

I had gotten hired for a Ford commercial and this commercial required I travel to Seattle, Washington. So not only did I get to experience the professional joy of being on a shoot, I got to experience the personal joy of travel. The entire experience was magical. I was so excited I barely slept the entire time I was out there! Seattle was beautiful and every person I got to work with was fun and cool. Some of the people I met I consider life long friends. Below, I have included a some pictures and if you would like to see the final product, please go to

Airport chillin'... waiting to board.
Yeah! It's go time. Alaska Airlines was great.
First views on way to hotel

My room! Modern decor, bright colors, and a fur throw! I'm home. ;)
Did I mention the views!! I loved looking out my hotel room window. This is view 1.
View 2 from hotel room window... I love that the cloud looks like a heart.
View 3. Every time I came in or out of the room i made sure to appreciate the views. <3

Stoked! Now time to head out to eat with the group.
So lovely

Fellow actor and now my friend Sha-hid.
The group shot :D
I had to take another solo.. ;)
Lovely views, can you believe by this time it's almost 10 at night?
I was marveling at the fact the sun hadn't gone down yet...
Dinner was so good! We had to have seafood. I tried the freshest oysters EVER!
Then before the sun, I had to report to set! Yummy catered breakfast and wardrobe. Yes please!
In the wardrobe trailer. I didn't keep the glasses for the shoot because my "boyfriend" wore glasses. 
So much art. These trees had knitted sweaters! How cool!
Live music was a joy.
Art was everywhere. Loved it.
Yay it was my turn to shoot. Here's a live set shot.
Inside our car...
Then before you know it, it was time to leave. Bright and early our chariot awaited us and took us to the airport.
Peace from the plane!
Thanks for coming with me to Seattle, Washington. I hope you liked the lovely views. It was a real joy to experience this. I am looking forward to more of the same. If you are an Actor, shoot if you are a person, we can all look to the difficult things but I encourage you to look to the light. The best awaits us there no matter what industry we happen to work in. Cheers to the best life has to offer us.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

30 Days are UP! I've Arrived at Greatness.

Friends, I am happy to say that I have completed my 30 Days to Greatness fitness challenge. Yesterday and today I continued to follow the P90X lean program. Yesterday was Core Synergistics and today was Kenpo. This is the first time in my adult life that I have been active every day for 30 days in a row and I must say it has been a wonderful, fulfilling journey in which I have learned a lot. I have absolutely cultivated this healthy habit into my life and am looking forward to continuing a fit and healthy lifestyle. Here is what I have discovered so far on this journey...

Some benefits:
Boosted confidence and esteem
Relief from back pain / knots
Increased physical strength
Increased mental strength
Freedom from really painful cramps and fatigue during my period.
The joy of keeping my promise to myself.
The realization of how powerful I am and can be.
*There have been many things to celebrate, this is just some of the list.

Why am I writing this? Because I'm a person just like you:
I owned the P90X DVDs for a couple of years and it wasn't until now that I started using them.
I was previously a member of Bally's and then LA Fitness and like many people would pay for membership a lot more than I would use it.
I believed I didn't have enough time to work out.
I wondered why I would start a fitness regimen totally jazzed and then fizzle out one to two weeks after making a commitment.
I started to believe I would need a personal trainer to change my pattern.
*I think we can all relate to this. But now those days are over. I'm here to tell you if I can do it, you can too.

What changed?
1. DESIRE. For once in my life my desire to cultivate this healthy habit for the rest of my life outweighed any of the previous excuses that used to stand in my way.
2. I also went about it differently. Instead of wondering if I could do it or would do it this time, I made the decision that it had already been done. When you think of yourself as someone fit and healthy, you start acting like it. This helped me keep my promise to myself, not sabotage myself with food, and engage in my workouts with vigor and the knowing I was coming back tomorrow. You know, the marathon vs. the sprint mentality.

Friends, I will continue to post up about fitness, health, and nutrition. My new goal is to continue the P90X Lean Program for a total of 90 Days and then, purchase another workout like the Insanity or Zumba programs. If you have missed my daily posts while on this journey, click below and remember that subscribing and commenting is love. I write about all kinds of goodness on this blog and I'd love for you to be a part of it. Cheers to living our best life! xo

Day's 28 & 29 of 30 Days to Greatness

Day 27 of 30 Days to Greatness

30 Days to Greatness #26

30 Days to Greatness, Day 25.

30 Days to Greatness, 22 and 23

30 Days to Greatness. I'm Halfway There at Day 15!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day's 28 & 29 of 30 Days to Greatness

Hi friends, it is already my 29th day of this challenge. I can tell you that I feel great. I have noticed all kinds of changes and am happy to report I am having the best period in a long time. I usually suffer from bad cramps and fatigue but none of that has happened this month. I am hoping that is due to my new fit lifestyle. I was supposed to change up my workout after the third week and didn't realize it so I am now changing up my workout after my 4th week. I am still following the P90X lean plan and have made the modifications they have specified. Here are today's stats.....

Today's Workout:
P90X Yoga X as directed by their lean plan.

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast - An egg scramble with tomato, onion, spinach, and an English muffin. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - leftover wheat pasta with tomato sauce, tomato, onion, and portobello mushrooms with a garlic toast. Low sodium V8 to drink
Water all day.

Yesterday (day 27) was my rest day but I still enjoyed a wonderfully active time. Myself and Tony went to Descanso Gardens and enjoyed nature by way of plants, flowers, trees, insects, Koi, Turtles, and more. We took photos and had great conversation. We both have pedometer apps on our phones but I was lower than usual on my battery and taking photos with my phone so I asked him (a little late in our stay) to track our progress with the pedometer. Yesterday's outing was approximately 2 miles of walking and a lot of fun. :)

1. Don't have a gym membership or workout DVD? Get out and WALK. This is free and can start low impact as you warm up if you have not been doing much activity. This is also very good for your mood as it will get your blood pumping and your mind out and into nature and the world at large. Track your progress with a Pedometer App. I started with this one and now I use this one.
2. Places to walk:
Your neighborhood.
The park.
The mall.
The beach.
To a nearby errand that needs to get done like the store, post office, video rental, dry cleaners, etc.

The best things in life are free! So get out there and enjoy what's waiting for you. You are worth it. your mind and body will thank you for it.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 27 of 30 Days to Greatness

Today has been a great day overall. I must admit I am quite tired and sore. But I have been enjoying major breakthroughs and for that I am grateful. Today I went to spend time at my Grandma's house and got up and ready to go quite early. Since I had gone to bed after 2 am last night and had a vigorous workout late, I was sore and desiring sleep in the moring. In order to be my word to both my family and myself, I decided to do my workout when I returned from family time. While with family, I ate well, made good choices and stuck to what was best for me. I was really happy about that because as much as we love our families, sometimes they do not know what's best. Especially in the food department. I think we can all relate to that a bit no? Anyway, here's today's stats....

Today's Workout:
P90X Kenpo as per their lean plan

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast - Cream of Wheat with ground flaxseeds, almonds, honey, and cinnamon. 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch - Rotisserie chicken, potato salad, veggie salad with mushrooms, tomato, cabbage, carrots, iceburg lettuce, spinach, and romaine, no dressing. Water to drink.
Dinner post workout - Hot dog at movies with catsup and mustard, 1 cup unbuttered popcorn, and water to drink.
Water all day.

What ever you think is possible is what will be possible for you. That's in fitness, nutrition, or life in general. Instead of saying I can't, how about asking how can I?

Cheering on the greatness in us all. Blog soon....

Friday, July 13, 2012

30 Days to Greatness #26

Today I didn't eat good and I just finished my workout at 11:35pm making it my latest workout ever! I am really happy and proud of showing up and I am not beating myself up over the food although I am aware I did not make the healthiest choices. Here's the stats:

Today's Workout:
P90X Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X

Today's Nutrition: 
Breakfast - Steel cut oats with ground flaxseeds, almonds, strawberries, and blueberries. 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch - Patty melt with french fries. Water to drink.
Dinner - Thai food Mee Krob, Noodles with chicken and shrimp, and a vegetable medley consisting of bok choy, broccoli, asparagus, and snow peas. Water to drink.
Water all day.

Workout Tip:
Gyms are great, but an awesome DVD / workout series that motivates you is where it's at. I LOVE that I can workout at home at any time and I can pause my trainer if I need to get more water, go to the bathroom. I LOVE that I save on gas, gym membership fees, and time! It's great that I can show up and do my best every time without having to think of anything else. All I have to do is what they instruct on the video. If you are thinking of giving it a try, DO IT.

I can't wait to hit the shower. this quick post is sent to you with lots of love. See you tomorrow! <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 25.

Wow, I can't believe it is my 25th day already. Yet, when I think of how much stronger I am, I can. Today was phenomenal. It was a truly transcending workout in both mind and body. I feel really good. I also had a great day overall. had an audition and a great lunch with my hubby at one of our favorite spots. I have also enjoyed the weather in L.A. today because it seems Chicagoan. It has been overcast and humid. Hot but not boiling. There were even some drizzle drops this afternoon... anyway, back to it! Here are today's stats.

Today's Workout:
P90X Yoga as dictated by their lean plan.
This was the best P90 Yoga practice yet! I went way past my previous boundaries. I was able to hold more, longer, and stretch farther. I was sweating like crazy and felt like a million bucks coming out of it. It was GREAT!

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast pre workout - Steel cut oats with ground flaxseeds, blueberries, strawberries, and almonds. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - 2 slices of margarita pizza (tomato sauce, cheese, and basil) 1 glass of pinot noir, 1/2 a baby greens salad.
Dinner - Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a toasted English muffin.
Water all day.

Tomorrow I have an audition at 11:45 am. Due to this, I have my alarm set to 6:45 to give me time to workout, eat breakfast, get ready, etc. before I head out. I would much rather get my workout in before noon. Today I also signed up to the Beachbody community. I am not sure how active I will be on there since I blog post each day here but it is nice knowing I will have a place to mingle with others taking this on. I am also wondering about adding more components of the meal P90X meal plan. If I do, I'll let you know.

If you are thinking of taking on your own fitness challenge, DO IT! You are so worth it. <3

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 24

As I type this, I am hungry. I'll probably make a fresh juice once I am done. Today went grrreat! I am happy to report that my husband is getting motivated by watching my journey and has started working out every other day and is also watching his calorie intake. Yay! It's nice to see him work on his personal fitness and health goals. How about you? 

Today's workout:
Arms and Shoulders with Ab Ripper X from P90X's lean plan.

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast - Steel cut oats with ground flaxseeds, blueberries, strawberries, and almonds. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Salad with romaine lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, portobello mushrooms, and black beans. Cracked wheat sourdough toast with hummus, and low sodium V8 to drink. 
Dinner - Whole wheat fettucine with portobello mushroom, onion, tomato, and tomato sauce with a salad of romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, and tomato. 
Snack - McDonald's vanilla cone. 
Water all day. 

Energy today was great. Workout was good. If you have any questions I'd be more than happy to address them, I'd also love to hear about your fitness and nutrition thoughts. Sharing is caring, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, 22 and 23

So yesterday (Monday) I used as my rest day due to a Model job I was booked on. Normally my rest day is on Sunday... For more on this

Today, I got my workout on with the A.C. blasting which I didn't really care for because I actually like to feel myself breaking a sweat. Additionally, feeling cold air blasting my way was distracting. So it wasn't my most centered, focused workout but I did it and for that I felt good. So here are the stats:

Day 22 Nutrition:
Breakfast on the go at Subway. I had the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich* toasted on an english muffin. I added bell peppers, onions, tomato, spinach, and mustard. I also opted to double my egg. I had one regular and one egg white. 1 cup Coffee.
Lunch was provided on set. I made it as healthy as possible by choosing the chicken, tomato, cucumber, feta sandwich and having 1/2 open faced and 1/2 without any bread at all. Fruit on side.
Drive home snack - A Tall Vanilla Creme Frappucino* from Starbucks. I cut calories but opting for Nonfat Milk and found it even more refreshing!
Dinner - Once home I was hungry!! It kind of became a free for all. Maybe it was because the day was 16 hours+ with activity. maybe because I was tired. Either way, bowl of Golden Flaxseed cereal, fresh juice made of carrot apple and lemon, and a couscous chicken tomato dish leftover of my husbands.
Water all day.
*Defaulted Nutritional Information does not reflect true numbers with my modifications calculated. For that information, please enter the information outlined after visiting the item via the link.

Day 23 Workout:
P90X Cardio as per their lean plan.

Day 23 Nutrition:
Breakfast pre workout - Egg, cheese, tomato, and zucchini shreds with 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Egg scramble with portobello mushroom, tomato, onion, spinach and baked red potato and onion on the side. 1 cracked wheat sourdough toast and water.
Snack - Greek yogurt with banana, almonds, ground flaxseed, and honey.
Dinner - I don't know yet. ;)

1. When working out, be focused on the workout and the muscles you're working. No reading, sitting down, watching T.V, texting, or talking on the phone. If you are proud like me and wanna capture pictures do so before or after your workout. Your fitness date is special, treat it as such.

Wishing you the best of life, health, and love. All ways.....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

30 Days to Greatness. Days 20 & 21. Let's go!!!

Hey, happy Sunday! I didn't post yesterday because after my workout I dashed into the shower and headed off to a wonderful pool party at my brother's house. So much fun! As for today, it should actually be my off day. But, I'll be doing a shoot tomorrow that will occupy my day so, I decided to workout today and take tomorrow as my rest day.  :) Here are the stats....

Day 20 Workout:
P90X Kenpo X Which is my favorite workout!! It falls on Saturdays for me as dictated by their lean plan.
I also went swimming.

Day 20 Nutrition:
Breakfast pre workout - Steel cut oatmeal with banana, blueberries, strawberries, ground flaxseeds, and almonds. 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - 2 pieces of grilled fish, potato salad, lots of carrots (as snacks from a veggie tray.)   Blue Moon beer all afternoon. I believe my intake was about 5 beers total.
Dinner - Bowl of Organic Golden Flax cereal. Some green seedless grapes.
Water throughout the day but my intake was much lower than usual. 6 glasses instead of the 9 or 10 I usually drink.

Day 21 Workout:
P90X Core Synergistics as per their lean plan.

Day 21 Nutrition:
Breakfast - Egg scramble with spinach, portobello mushroom, tomato, and onion. Baked red potato and  onion on side. 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch - Went to The Cheesecake Factory. This can be a VERY tricky place to eat healthy or low cal. Here's what I chose: Shared appetizer of Crispy Crab Bites with husband. Seared Ahi Tuna Salad was my main course. To drink, water with lemon. I did have some of their whole wheat bread as well.
Snack - Tall Vanilla Creme Frappucino from Starbucks.
Post workout snack - Fresh carrot, apple, lemon juice.
Water all day.

I haven't had dinner yet, not sure if I will. If so, I will have something good and low calorie. Before I go, here are a couple of tips...

If you know your schedule and something is coming up that may stand in the way of your workout, get it in the day before, wake up earlier, or push yourself to do it afterward. My preference is to make things go as smooth as possible so I would probably push for the first 2 options out of the 3. The point is to show up. You will be so happy and proud of yourself for keeping your commitments and you'll get physical benefits too.

Going out to eat is a reality. Choose low cal items, ask for no sauce or sauce / dressing on the side, share with the person you're dining with... these are all ways you can still be part of the world at large and keep your goals. At today's Cheesecake Factory outing, I shared the appetizer with my husband but even that and everything else we ordered, came off of their SkinnyLicious Menu.

Hope this helps!! Take care of you. <3

Friday, July 6, 2012

30 Days to Greatness. Day 19, Hitting a Wall...

Hey there, this is day 19 of my 30 day challenge that is aimed at building the healthy habit of working out as a lifestyle. I did workout today about 1 hour and 1/2 ago which is about 5pm. I have previously mentioned that late day workouts are not my preference as they seem to be more difficult than when I workout before noon. Anyway, that is not the only thing that has come up for me. Below, I will list my daily workout and nutrition along with the difficulties I am facing and how I will try to tackle them. Let's go....

Today's workout:
P90X Legs and Back with the Ab Ripper X as dictated by their Lean Plan.

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast - Portobello mushroom, tomato, onion, and egg stack with 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch pre workout - Tuna with chopped onion sandwiched between an English muffin. Low sodium V8 to drink.
Snack after workout - 2 tablespoons of the leftover tuna with chopped onion.
Water all day.

Difficulties & Remedies:
I have been getting really hungry.
*I know this is because I need to tweak the timing of my meals. I probably should add more food too. This is a challenge because I do not want to indulge in a lot of animal products. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I just feel better when I have mostly vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I am going to start trying to eat every 4 hours.

I have been getting fatigued.
*This I feel is due to my food intake and meal timing as well as my working out later in the day. I am going to start trying to eat every 4 hours and am going to start being more regimented about when I workout. I think this will help my energy level and my body. Our bodies are smart and remember patterns. We'll see how this goes.

The brand new fresh kicks I talked about in yesterday's post, turned out to be challenging. Believe it or not, these shoes are so fantastic, cushy, and flexible, that it was a challenge to stay balanced on some of the moves. For this I plan on sticking with it. I enjoy rising to the occasion and will definitely repost on how this works out. I love my shoes!!!

Cheers, to your health.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Days 17 & 18!

Hi there, hope you had a great 4th of July. I apologize for not blogging on the 4th I had a DJ gig which is why I didn't blog. I can tell you that I did work out and as for my nutrition I'll fill you in on what I remember... Here we go:

Day 17 Workout:
Arms & Shoulders with Ab Ripper X as dictated by the P90X Lean Plan.
I enjoy this workout very much. So far, I have been using resistance bands and they have been working although I will soon buy dumbbells because I think it will make the movements more fluid and I will not have to worry about setting up the bands for each exercise.

Day 17 Nutrition:
Breakfast pre workout - Cream of Wheat with ground flaxseeds, almonds, and honey. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Open faced tuna sandwich, with tomato, onion, and spinach on cracked whole wheat sourdough bread. Low Sodium V8 to drink.
Dinner - Tuna (leftover from lunch) in an open faced sandwich. Water to drink.
*Water all day. I usually have 10 cups+ but this day I didn't because I had cocktails at my DJ gig. I had 3 vodka cranberry drinks. I'm noticing that drinking is not what it used to be. My night's sleep was terrible and I am starting to wonder if drinking is really necessary at all. Perhaps it's because when I am eating and drinking good things that fuel and nourish my body, it feels so good. So now, when I have drinks it may be fun for a bit but I don't enjoy the feeling afterward. My body just doesn't feel top notch when I do that. I'll share more on this when I come to a more of a conclusion.

Because of last night's sleep and the fact it was overcast I was tired most of the day. I also did not set myself up for success. Still, I did get my workout on. I also got myself part of the reward I set up for myself when I took on this challenge. Here's today's 411.....

Day 18 Workout:
Yoga X as recommended by the P90X Lean Plan

Day 18 Nutrition:
Breakfast - 3 cups of coffee
Lunch post workout - Fresh juice made of carrot apple and lemon. Egg scramble of tomato mushroom onion and spinach along with a buttered cracked wheat sourdough toast.
Snack - Bowl of cherries.
Water all day.
* Not eating before my workout was not good. I was already feeling sluggish but didn't eat because I wasn't hungry. My energy during the workout and after has been lacking.

However, I did got to Sport's Authority and got one of my rewards!! I am so excited, I absolutely LOVE my purchase and I signed up for a free rewards card with them (Not a credit card, it's like a Ralph's card) which means I am going to save $5.00 when I go back for clothes!! Plus, I had gotten blessed with a 20% off coupon for Sport's Authority in the mail so I got these for 20% off! Check it out, my swanky new workout kicks:

"Success doesn't come to you, you go to it." - Marva Collins 

Go after it!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, #16

Could you change your life by creating a healthy habit in 30 days? That's my mission and I am on day 16. Today, was really cool because I did something totally different. With no food in the house and having slept late, I wanted to get a jump on my day so upon arising and having a glass of water, I dove right in and worked out! Here are today's stats.

P90X Cardio X as dictated by their lean plan. 

Brunch post workout - Egg, cheese, and zucchini shreds with 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch - Subway 6 inch Veggie Delight with Avocado on Whole Wheat no cheese, bag of Lays Salt and Vinegar chips, water to drink.  This was my first time trying this sandwich and I really loved it. It was refreshing and healthy. Thumbs up!
Dinner - TBD :)

I am owed a reward of a new workout outfit which I will get since I did not like the options at Target. I am happy to say I had bought a scale though so now I will be able to factor in those numbers as well. I am now 115 lbs which is 3 pounds lighter than when I started two weeks ago.  I am trying to keep things short and sweet. My hope is that any readers will stay, go through the content, and be inspired!! So with that, I'm off!! 

Big hugs.....

Monday, July 2, 2012

30 Days to Greatness. I'm Halfway There at Day 15!!!!

Gosh, here I am at the middle mark of my challenge. I am so excited and feeling really good about it. It's so funny because I had given myself an incentive of a nice new workout outfit (I currently do not own workout clothes) and now here I am and just making it here is awesome enough!!! I will get myself my reward too though ;)

I just realized I did not post on Saturday so we will start there:

Saturday's Stats:
P90X Lean Plan called for Kenpo. It was my first time doing Kenpo and although there were difficult moments I LOVED IT! I really enjoyed the fighting stances and the movements because it felt as though I was training. We also incorporated sound and it felt goooood. Talk about a total release. 
In addition to the P90X workout, I also swam and danced at a friends pool party. It was funny because I felt the fatigue in my muscles after dancing hard for a bit but that just served to remind me of what I am doing and it's like a little proud secret when it sneaks up on you like that. 
Breakfast pre workout - Cream of Wheat with ground flaxseeds, almonds, and honey. 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - 4 Blue Moon beers, 6 watermelon wedges (thinly sliced), 3 carne asada tacos (soft shell al carbon style with 1 corn tortilla each only) at the pool party.  
Dinner - 1/2 of a burger from The Habit with cheese (1 of the bun halves removed, water to drink)
**On a whole this day was not good nutritionally. I do not recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight. If anything, please note the ways I modified my choices to save myself from empty calories. 

Sunday I was sore all over and tired. I enjoyed healthy calorie conscious foods, walked around Hollywood with my husband, and enjoyed the rest of my day off. 

Today's Stats:
P90X Core Synergistics as dictated by their lean plan.

Breakfast - Steel cut oats with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, ground flaxseeds, and 2 cups of coffee. 
Lunch pre workout - Vegetable Ramen from Ajisen with 1/2 side of chicken, water to drink. 
Dinner post workout - Mahi Mahi with brown rice, garnished with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and ground flaxseeds. Water to drink. 

I was so happy to see someone comment on my blog and show appreciation for the content. This was coming from a personal trainer which made it even sweeter. Thanks to anyone who is reading this. 

If you are having trouble starting or sticking with your fitness and nutrition goals, here are a couple tips!
1. No matter what weight you are now, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Don't believe me? Watch Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition These wonderful people will inspire you as will their trainer Chris. 
2. Finding it easy to slip away from your goal? Write it down and put it where you can see it!! Bonus points if you add an encouraging phrase or a picture of your dream body. :)


Pain is temporary, GLORY IS FOREVER. 

Go get it! I believe in us. :)