Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Days to Greatness Day 12

Gosh, I feel myself getting stronger. Make no mistake I could totally take a nap right now but I feel myself being able to handle the workouts better. I seriously encourage anyone that is interested in achieving a fitness goal to do it today. There is much to gain both physically and mentally.

Today's workout:
P90X Legs and Back with the Ab Ripper X.

Today's Nutrition:
Many glasses of water. I am up to 9+ now.
Breakfast - Cream of Wheat with almonds, ground flaxseeds, and honey. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Fresh juice made of carrots, apple, and lemon. 1 cracked wheat sourdough toast with hummus. 2 hardboiled eggs.

*I sense I am not eating enough to fuel my added activity. I am making due now because I will have to go grocery shopping soon.

Today's Tip:
Have a hard time maintaining your focus when in the middle of a tough workout or exercise? Think about what you are working for. Example: Today while my muscles were burning instead of thinking about that pain, I was imagining my body transformed into my ideal vision. This kept me going and focused on the exercise.

Hope this helps!

& remember.....   You can do it!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 11

Ever feel like you could just dream forever?? That's how I awoke this morning. Had to be up and at 'em for 2 auditions and other business. Fit my workout in between it all and now, at 7:08 pm, I'm beat. I can feel myself getting stronger already though. There are exercises that are getting easier and muscle groups that are not burning so badly. Also, I am noticing less soreness which is wonderful. Night's are great because I am genuinely tired and I don't have to work to get to sleep. I am also noticing freedom from back pain which is something I used to feel regularly. I posted about it in my 1st 30 Day Challenge post. My back is where I hold my stress and I know that working out is helping me release stress. It's great to get physical every day. With that said, here are today's stats...

Today's workout:
P90X Yoga X as dictated by their lean plan.

Today's nutrition:
Breakfast - 1 egg on a piece of sourdough toast, 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch pre workout - 2 blueberry waffles with syrup 1 cup of coffee.
Dinner - Chipotle Bowl with romaine lettuce, black beans, fajita vegetables, carnitas, light sour cream and light cheese. Chips and guacamole.
Lots of water all day, I am averaging roughly 10 glasses a day now.

Today's workout tip:
I had posted about working out on my facebook page and asked people when they like to work out. It was then that Luis let me know he was still trying to get started. In honor of him, here's a tip!!

How about approaching a friend, family member, coworker, and seeing if they will work out with you or lend you their workout DVD so you can get your fitness goals started! This can help make you accountable because you will have a partner counting on you and can save you money if you are not interested in joining the gym  or purchasing DVDs right now. Where there's a will, there's a way. So go and find your's today!

See you tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Days to Greatness Day 10

Today was hard. I just finished a bit ago. These last two days I have been doing my workouts later in the day and while I am happy to say that I can do it if I need to, it just is harder for me when I do. I prefer to get my workouts in before noon. That said, I did complete and I am feeling good about that.

Today's workout:
P90X Arms & Shoulders along with Ab Ripper X

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast - Cream of Wheat with almonds, ground flaxseeds, and honey along with 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch pre workout - Tuna sandwich on cracked wheat sourdough toast with some Lays Jalapeno Kettle Chips.
Dinner post workout - Fresh juice made of carrots apple and lemon with Thai fried rice and vegetable medley leftover from last night. I satisfied my sweet tooth craving with a Jello pudding cup.
Water all day.

And now, I'll leave you with this. have a great rest of the day!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
- Aristotle

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, # 9

Today was so good I sweat my heart out!! :D

Today's P90X Lean Plan dictated I do Core Synergistics.

This workout is targeted for all the muscle groups in the torso. There were moments I was burning! I took a lot of water in throughout the workout and pushed through the pain. There were a couple of exercises I am not strong enough to do yet. A specific one that comes to mind is the push up knee kick. I did as many as I could and then held the plank position to continue working out my core while they stayed on that exercise.

As for today's nutrition so far:
Breakfast - 3 cups of coffee, 2 glasses of water, and a fresh juice consisting of kale, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger.
Lunch pre workout - Grilled chicken breast half, raw spinach light mayo and mustard on a piece of cracked wheat sourdough toast. My favorite salad on the side (cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, and olive oil.) V8 to drink.
Since working out I have only had water so far because it is only 5:33 pm. I plan on having something high in protein or fiber and possibly another fresh juice.

If you are also on a fitness journey here are some tips:
1. Push past your comfort level but not to the point of damage. Ask yourself, is my ego leading? If the answer is yes, cool out.  Do a couple more than your body wants, and a couple less than your ego wants. ;)
2. Positivity really makes a difference. What are you grateful for in this experience? How strong, fit, thin, you are getting? Extra energy? Mental clarity? Think of that. So far, the hardest work out I have had just so happened to be the one I went in dreading. Give yourself all the mental support you can.
3. Make sure you stretch, warm up, cool down. This will help you stay flexible while you are getting stronger. You do not want to lose range of motion and end up stiff. You will feel sore when you are working muscle groups in a new way but you shouldn't be getting stiff. Help your body stay limber by stretching. Respect the warm up and cool down process.

Ok, I'm outta here. See you tomorrow. <3

Monday, June 25, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, THIS is Day 8.

First off, I'd like to give thanks for the glorious weekend I had. A movie on Friday night with my husband and then Saturday and Sunday we spent at gatherings that totally enriched our souls. It was really great and I am so appreciative. Do you ever get to take stock, just really let yourself review and be grateful for the goodness? I hope you do, there is so much goodness around us. Something about noticing it seems to let it know it's welcome and then it shows up more... So yeah, I'm really grateful that this weekend was so great.

Sunday was my day of rest. I did not do any workouts. I still drank a ton of water because I genuinely enjoy it now. I also had a delicious salad that my Mom had made, it was so good I did not need any dressing, and lasagna, two helpings. What??? ;)

For those of you wanting to drink more water, you can try:
Make it fun! Give yourself a cup goal and mark off each cup you drink.
Add some healthy natural flavor! Lemon wedges, lime wedges, orange wedges, or cucumber taste good! There are also added benefits to this.

As for today, I wondered if it would be hard getting back to it. After all, I had just enjoyed a day of rest and I still feel sore daily. But, I was excited to get my workout in and when my husband suggested we go to the park, I told him I sure would once I exercised. It felt good. I felt empowered at keeping my date with myself. It was totally different than any obligation I might have felt in the past and that was wonderful.

Today's P90X Lean Plan called for Cardio X. It was good. I found I took a few more water breaks than I remember taking the first time. On the flip side I hung in on the kicks a lot better than the first time. It was great. I was sweaty, heaving, and happy. In my first 30 Days to Greatness post I mention the reward I am going to give myself upon completing 2 consecutive weeks. I do not own workout gear so a nice new workout outfit is motivating to me. I have always been tomboyish at the gym. Sweats and large t shirts but I am feeling so good I just may buy something cute. There may even be a little midriff showing... If you're thinking about being fit, taking a stand for health, or just releasing extra stress regularly by working out, GO FOR IT. It feels that good.

Speak soon... <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012

30 Days to Greatness Day 6

Woke up early today. I felt excited and ready to workout. Thats how it's starting to feel now. The goodness I feel physically and mentally are so rewarding, I look forward to my workouts. It doesn't mean I am not challenged. It's just that with each workout that I do, I am able to see and prove to myself that I can do it. So knowing I can and how good it will feel, makes me excited and ready for what's next. It's pretty great.

Today's P90X Lean plan called for Legs and Back with the Ab Ripper X. I did them and was seriously hurting by the ab workout. I also saw a greater need for dumbbells while I was doing the legs and back portion (I currently use resistance bands.)

Upon completion I was a sweaty, accomplished, fireball of energy. I am getting so much from this challenge.

Some of the additional benefits are:
Strength, accomplishment, mental clarity, discipline.
Positive physical changes to my abs, arms, butt, and back. (They feel stronger and are already starting to look better. More toned.)
A self peace and love. An assuredness that is coming from creating, sustaining, and maintaining this time for myself. Giving me this time and letting myself relish in being first in this arena is wonderful. I am very grateful and see it spilling out in other areas of my life.

As for today's nutrition:
Breakfast pre workout - Blueberry waffle with ground flaxseeds, greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and syrup on top. 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Open faced egg sandwich with ham and avocado on whole wheat toast. Cherries on the side.
Water to drink throughout the day.
Dinner was pizza (1 cheese slice 1 pepperoni slice) I also had about 1 cup worth of Doritos and 4 Blue Moon beers.

I went out to a friends pool party this afternoon which explains the deviation from my normal but like I outlined in my initial challenge post, this is not solely about weight loss, I am creating a healthy habit for the rest of my life. So I am going to live, I am going to eat, I am going to enjoy. There are times I will go out of my normal and that's ok. This is about creating a healthy habit that will last a life time and the majority of days I am focused and showing up with that as my focus. Cheers to health, energy, fitness, and life. See you soon. xo

Friday, June 22, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 5

Today was mighty special to me. I woke up to my monthly visitor. Boooo! Usually, this would put a pause on any kind of working out. It sure has in the past. But today, there was no way I was going to let it or anything else get me down and keep me away from my fit time. Things are changing, in DEED.

I went the P90X Lean route once more. Today called for an hour and a half of Yoga:

I personally love yoga and was grateful to be doing it. Even though P90X Yoga is more intense than other yoga I have done in the past, I still enjoyed it very much. Each daily workout seems to be helping my sore muscles. It's like they get warm and I feel good. I also noticed how much stronger I am already getting. Not only in my mind but physically as well. There were tough moments in today's workout but I was able to complete and once I did I again felt emotional in that really good, accomplished, winning way. 

Before during and after my workout I had plenty of this:

After my workout I enjoyed this:

As for today's food intake:

Breakfast pre workout - Steel cut oats with strawberries, blueberries, almonds, ground flax seeds. 3 cups of coffee.
Post workout - Fresh carrot apple lemon juice.
Lunch - Open faced ham sandwich with tomato, avocado, spinach, and onion. Greek salad on the side (cucumber, tomato, feta, and olive oil.) V8 to drink
Dinner consisted of a hot dog with ketchup and mustard, 1/2 cup popcorn no butter, and some yogurt covered pretzels. I also had some of my hubby's Sprite. We went to the movies and saw Snow White  and the Huntsman so I splurged a little. I do not drink soda so when I say a little it was probably about 4 oz.

Tomorrow is my last day for the week since I've given myself permission to have Sundays off. I don't know if I will take it off though. I'm really enjoying this feeling. I may just do something outdoors. Well see. Remember friends:

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." 
- Henry  Ford

Thursday, June 21, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, # 4

"The difference between the impossible and possible, lies in a person's determination." 
- Tommy Lasorda

Today has been great! I chose 2 P90X workouts from their lean plan. Arms & Shoulders along with the Ab Ripper X.

I was able to complete both although I did quite a few modifications during the ab workout. Some positions hurt my hip bones and lower back bone. I tried layering my yoga mats on my floor but that doesn't help (my floor is Bamboo.) The pain was so intense during the ab workout, I almost wanted to cry at points. Still, I did it and felt very happy and accomplished at completing both workouts. On a whole, I feel quite energetic today.

Nutrition so far:
Breakfast pre workout - Spinach, onion, tomato scramble, with 1 piece of buttered whole wheat toast. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Open faced tuna sandwich with celery, greek salad (cucumber, tomato, feta, and olive oil) on side
Water all day. I am at 9 glasses so far and it is 4:35 pm.

If you are interested in making a life change and creating a habit, it takes 30 days. So get yourself a calendar, write out your plan, and START. You can do it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 3

6:26 pm, my third day. I have to come clean and tell you that I did end up needing Advil yesterday. I took some right before bed because I was feeling quite stiff and sore from yesterday's workout. I am going to take some more tonight before bed. Nothing throughout the day, but before bed is good while I'm regenerating and getting used to this activity.

Last night, I decided to look into the P90X books that came with our DVDs. I was happy to see how far I have come nutritionally, I remember when we first got the DVDs 2 years ago a lot of what was listed seemed foreign and overwhelming. After doing grocery shopping last night and looking in the book, I realized I now generally eat well. Yes! I did decide to incorporate their hydration schedule. In doing so, I have already blown my average 6 daily cups out of the water. I am on cup 9 now and it is only late afternoon.

I am noticing great sleep these nights. I have enjoyed restful sleep regularly but something about these sleeps seems deeper, richer. I woke up this morning stiff and not as peppy and generally have felt less "up" today. It could be that I did not have any pressing appointments in addition to the fact it is my third consecutive day of exercising.

After breakfast, I chose the P90X Core Synergistics workout because it is listed in their Lean plan which is another thing I looked over after the nutrition booklet last night. Because I prefer lean, smooth, and strong over muscular, I decided I would follow the P90X Lean DVD recommendations.

This was my toughest workout yet. I was huffing, puffing, heaving, and grunting. There were some exercises I could not do completely so I decided to do modifications. Instead of some of the multi push up moves towards the end, I decided to hold the plank pose for the duration to work my core. I did complete though and also went the bonus round so I felt SUPER accomplished. I have to admit I almost wanted to cry upon finishing.

I was super impressed that my husband worked out today because he is not doing this challenge with me. He did the P90X cardio workout once I was done. Said I inspired him. <3

As for today's food intake:
Breakfast - Steel cut oats with almonds, strawberries, blueberries, and ground flaxseeds. 2 cups of coffee. 2 glasses of water. - Pre workout
Fresh kale cucumber apple lemon ginger juice, 1 sourdough toast with avocado, 2 glasses of water. - Post workout
Open faced ham sandwich with mayo, mustard, spinach, tomato, with a greek salad of feta, cucumber, tomato, olive oil. 2 cups water.
I have also had water in between these meals.

Until tomorrow, xo

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 2

I am on a mission to change my life forever. My goal is to develop the healthy habit of exercising daily. This is not about weight loss although I do expect to see positive changes in my body. For me, this is about strength, health, discipline, confidence, and accomplishment. Yesterday was my first day.

This morning I woke up stiff and sore. It wasn't unbearable but I definitely felt various parts of my body aching from yesterday's workout. The main parts I was feeling were my calves, upper arms, back, and shoulders. I have to admit this made me happy because it was proof I had done something. It also made me a little scared because I was going to do another workout today. Hubby recommended I take advil. I decided instead to have breakfast first. This is another way I am going about this differently. In the past, I would attempt working out by starting my day with a workout first thing. This is because I do prefer the morning but it was also because I was afraid I wouldn't do a workout if I didn't. Now I am letting myself have breakfast first. It gives me fuel and a sense of calm. This is a new day and a new me. There is no time or space for fearful thoughts. :)

After breakfast I decided to do the P90X stretch workout. This is an hour of yoga type moves with stretching and holding patterns that work your whole body. It turned out to be the perfect remedy for my stiffness. I especially liked the frog, circles, and morning stretch moves. It was fantastic to have body parts I didn't even know were stiff be opened up. I also would like to incorporate these into my life at random times. Afterward I felt a sense of calm, accomplishment, peace, and flexibility. No advil required.

I am finding that both these days I am a lot more hungry than usual. That has alarmed me a bit because mentally I feel more eating equals more calories and that turns into fat. However, I am making healthy choices and will be going to the market to stock up on items that will give me what I feel my body needs at this time, in a healthy way. Some things I am looking to get are:

Greek yogurt
Steel cut oats

As for what I have eaten today so far:

Egg, spinach, and onion scramable with 1 piece of whole wheat toast. - Pre workout
Fresh carrot celery apple juice. - Post workout
Quarter chicken meal from Zankou with basmati rice and tabbouleh sides. No pita.
Multiple glasses of water. (Right now my average is about 6 glasses a day.)

I'd like to mention that my girlfriend Jennifer reached out to me out of the blue to go on a hike. I was unable to at the time she was available but I was really happy to have gotten the invitation and thought it was a wonderful "coincidence" cause no sooner had I made space in my life for this goal and other things I have been desiring in my life are manifesting.  YAY!

Monday, June 18, 2012

30 Days to Greatness

What would happen if once we had an idea, we went full force and gave it a go? I mean really, just gave it a go, day in and day out consecutively so it could become a reality?? That is what I am going to find out. 

I have decided to change my life. To take on a challenge I have desired and feared for a long time. I have seen glimpses of it but have never had the tenacity to stick with it. This time, that story will end differently. I shall be victorious, confident, accomplished, stronger, OH and I'm going to enjoy a firmer butt and abs. I'm talking about fitness....

I have belonged to 2 gyms in the past and generally enjoy being active but, I have never conquered my fitness goal and I am certainly not active on an every day basis. The me I see is a fit, toned, strong, healthy, active, accomplished person that works out daily along with eating healthy foods. I have noticed that many of the people I look up to and am inspired by do these things on a regular basis. I am now including myself as one of them. Today is my first day of my 30 day challenge. 

Here's my plan:
From today, June 18th to July 18 I will work out every day except for Sundays. 
My workouts will consist of DVDs at home of Resistance Band workouts, Yoga, P90X, along with Hiking, Walking, Running, outdoors. I DO NOT BELONG TO A GYM. 
As an incentive, I am going to buy myself a nice workout outfit upon completing 2 consecutive weeks. Right now, aside from a pair of cotton yoga pants, I DO NOT OWN WORKOUT GEAR.
My reward for completing the month will be accomplishment, strength, confidence, tight abs, a tight rear, and A NEW HEALTHY HABIT. MY NEW LIFESTYLE.

I wanted to document this because it ups the stakes for me. It helps me to follow through knowing that someone knows about it. That it lives out there. I also figured that anyone else who may have a similar desire could possibly be inspired by my journey. 

Here's my starting point:
5'4, 118 lbs, 34C-27-35, Size 2.
As for eating habits, I found it easier to make changes in that arena and have adopted juicing, along with eating mainly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I am not a vegetarian or vegan however, I still do enjoy all food groups. I am excited to see how I will have to  change my eating to adapt to the extra activity. 
Physically, I sometimes experience restless leg, and tightness in my back has been a recurring issue for me. I know my back is where I store my stress. From my days as a Dancer and a fall on set while shooting a Spanish TV show, I have since had problems with my left knee. So, I plan on being mindful of my knee and back while I am making them stronger.
I sometimes take walks with my husband or go on hikes but generally, I do not work out.  

To change my life by developing the habit of exercising 6 days a week. They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit so I am giving myself 30 days to make that happen. 

Today I did the P90X Cardio workout. I was able to complete it although I did have to pause it twice in the last third of the workout so I could drink a little water. Additionally, I had to do the last 2 exercises at my own pace which was about half of the speed they were going. At this point I was tired and did not feel strong enough to go at their speed without risking injury. Upon completion I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and was quite moved to have taken my first step. See you tomorrow!!!