Friday, February 25, 2011

Lucky? This doesn't feel lucky.. Actor tales

Rainy day in L.A. Things move slower when this happens, this is an actual truth not myth. Had an audition today. Good stuff. I was looking forward to it. Got up got ready got out. Arrived, signed in, and waited.... after an hour's time elapsed, I finally left to find my "lucky charm"

Bunko. : /

Well see how lucky my charm really is.. when I confirm booking the spot! LOL Right now, I'm happy to be inside typing away from my home office, listening to the rain outside my window. Believe me also when I say that Saturday and Sunday's arrivals are welcome ones.

This will be the second parking ticket I've gotten while out on audition. I mention this for any other business artists that are interested in true finacial calculations. These unexpected expenses do add up. Factor in the cost of agency fees, training, marketing materials, memberships, etc. It is important to watch your bottom line. It also does reflect a truth. This path is far from a get rich quick, "Cribs" style MTV extravaganza. There's a reason why sage advisors recommend strongly coming into this only if you really love it.

Another day in the life right?? :) All we can do is our best. As for this parking ticket myth, let's see.. I'll keep you posted. ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm an Actor part deux...

So last night I posted my 1st blog on acting and my overall outlook. Today's post on acting has to do with a very real side effect which is the "mobile office" "conference space" "dressing room" need I go on??? On a normal day this is what I'm working with...

But today I had 3 auditions which lead to 3 appointments, casting offices, & looks. There was backyard BBQ, red carpet host, and then gamer (as in video gamer). So, what's a pro to do?

You make it happen.

Hence I found myself rolling around town, enjoying the sights and the opportunity to play and connect with my fellow actor and the casting directors.

*For anyone that is new to Acting, auditioning, or just new to auditioning regularly, plan it out. Map your routes, have your changes, scripts, head shots ready. If your new to Los Angeles especially. Leave time to arrive, locate, and park. If there is a specific question or comment I'd love to hear it. This helps me know what you guys wanna hear or could benefit hearing about! *shrugs..

**& in a totally unrelated yet totally related note, I happen to be listening to this ultra delicious audio sampling. You'd be foolish not to listen to this song!

Thanks for spending this moment in time with me, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your job is to do what??? I'm an Actor.

Heyo!! LOL If you know where that comes from and comment it, you will get a prize. For now though, I can't help but chuckle... Heyo!! LOL Here we go.

I had asked a few friends via facebook whether or not I should blog actor tales and after a resounding yes, here we are, my first one. As an Actor, there are many stages of victory and or defeat. Like anything else, your outlook will determine a lot of your success and or failure or at least that is what my experience has taught me... Then again, one could argue that even our experiences are dictated to ourselves by ourselves via the subconscious. So what about acting? Well....

I tend to take the glass half full approach and am currently experiencing what I categorize as wins.

1. My Commercial / Print Agency is absolute genius for me. I feel so at home with them and they work so well for me. I do alot of auditioning with them and am glad to have such a perfect fit.

2. My Management has been awesome. I've gotten a few audition calls from them recently which has been a cool bonus.

3. Auditions have been a blast! Whether improv, voice over, script memorization, reactions, or just a "look", I been having such a good time. :D I also feel like I'm getting to know some of these casting directors and some of my fellow actors.

Tomorrow I have 3 auditions to look forward to. Today I had 2. The other day was the first time I'd had auditions scheduled I didn't really want to go to. After going and then hearing a Casting Director complaining, I shrugged it off and figured I had just had an off day. Low and behold, I got a call back and hold from that audition!

What I have been taking from these experiences is a real "seize the day" approach to life. Not only when I'm in the room auditioning and scheduling auditions throughout my day but also when I am not auditioning or "off". It's been really great. Hence all the nature & uplifting blogs below.. :)

Anyway, this is a snapshot into my life as an Actor, cheers to success for us all and joy along the way.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What an awesome weekend!

These last two days I have been concentrating on slowing down my pace a bit. Resting more, not going through so many things each day (like I usually do) and I tell you it's been great! I have had a wonderful, inexpensive, glorious two days filled with nature, learning, and fun. If you read my last blog praising the rain and kicking things off, I hope you'll like this journey even more. Here we go!!

Day 1) I sleep for an unexpected glorious 10 hours. My norm these days has been 6 hours a night. I also read, watched my favorite show Grey's Anatomy and I took a glorious bath with the most soothing inexpensive bath salts ever!

Today, was a whole other adventure on it's own. If you follow me on Twitter, you know what I'm talking about but for the length sake of this blog, we shall carry on. ;)

After gray skies, brisk winds, and a continuous downpour, imagine my delight at seeing this..

A few more paces and

This whole time our feet haven't touched dirt yet, can you imagine? How lucky are we to be so engulfed in wilderness and the beauty of nature and still be on pavement.

What's behind is nice....

But what's ahead...

Gratitude for this day, for this moment, for this view. Grateful for this knowledge, it's application, and YOU!

To recharged batteries and amazing views.

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friiiiiiday!!

Yeah HOO! It's Friday night. It's been raining all day and should continue until tomorrow.

This excites me as I have just ordered pizza and am planning on relaxing with a book or good movie. Who knows? I just may venture off and take a bath. Either way, you see the picture I'm paintin' here. *winks

If you read my last posts, you can get a vibe at the excitement and life questions / philosophies I'm tackling. Which by the way, anybody out there reading the book?

I digress...

Anyway, I've been on FIRE taking in all kinds of new information relating to finances and I'm implementing the things that make sense in my financial picture. There has been so much happening lately, I've been going non stop!

We all work so hard towards our goals.. I have friends starting new jobs, new businesses, new relationships, I am sure you are investing a lot of time and energy on something right now. If you too are looking for a quick, inexpensive break, I hear you! Let's take a stand and give back to ourselves at some point if not all weekend. Who's with me?!?! *smiles

If there are some things you like to do to let go of tension and relax, please share. Here's some of what I do:

Surround myself with nature and listen to uplifting music.
Sleep in.
Take a drive.
Enjoy a long hot bath.

Speaking of which, I'm off to do one of those now.. love and snuggles. Tee

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To the moon!! Financially speaking...

What day is it Tuesday? Gosh February 8th huh?? Here we go! I have been so excited to be working towards my new found goals that I have been focused in like a LASER! There has been a big shift in my world having to do with finances and the like. Since I have been so inspired, I wanted to share this info with you, that is of course, if you could stand to earn and keep more of your money.

Now there are many practical things I am up to in the world of business and money. I hope to open up a dialog that includes that information for those truly interested but you'd be surprised how so much starts with your state of mind. So I figure a very good place to begin is within...

My first highly recommended read:

While I make no guarantees of anything, I have personally read and I personally endorse this book as being what I think to be a great start on your path to financial success.

So let's go TO THE MOON! Financially speaking that is, who's with me?!