Monday, May 24, 2010


The LOST finale was yesterday night and I couldn't watch it until this morning due to a couple of performances I had scheduled. As crazy as it sounds because I do feel blessed every time I work, had I known May 23rd was the LOST finale date when these performances had been proposed to me, I wouldn't have done them. Alas, I digress....

So I watch the LOST finale this morning and I was simply blown away. Everything became clear. I had no questions left. It was all there, laid out on the table and it hasn't left my mind since. All I could think of over and over is how really none of the details mattered, how things were always going to play out and move on. How letting go is so important. How the meaning of life, relationship, acceptance, trust, faith, love, was all so beautifully addressed in this final episode. How incredibly intertwined every one of them were and how we too are the same. How we need each other. How none of us could exist without others. I am left with a feeling. I can't really describe it. After all, it's not a sadness although there are tinges of that because I loved these people and will miss them. Yet, it is not full joy either because as happy and totally satisfied as I am with how these 6 seasons were summed up, I am confronted with so much swirling in my brain. These topics and their meaning and how it all relates to me and my life. Because oddly enough it does relate to my life and things I have been already thinking of as of late. I feel schooled. And so, although we all know how incredibly smart and talented the writers, production, and cast of LOST are, somehow this feels like more to me than a great program. It feels like a message and I've heard it. Loud and clear.

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