Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finding A Home For Your Cats

Haven't been able to get out of my head lately. Setbacks, obstacles, analysis. Ugh. As I write this I feel self indulgent and stupid. That is why I haven't posted in over a month. I have sit down numerous times with a feeling, a desire to express myself and then started typing only to delete it and walk away from the computer in judgement of my own thoughts and feelings. Does anyone else ever feel this way?? *Taps microphone: Is this thing on???

Right now, I am trying to find a home for my cats. I have 2 of them that I rescued years ago. I have loved them and been good to them. They have had regular visits to the vet, grooming, exams. They have only known indoor life, premium cat food, and up until this last year and a half, even filtered water. Because we adopted our animals so easily, I never imagined that it would be so difficult to find a home for them. The SPCA, various rescues, have all been no help so far. Each "organization" telling me they can't take my pets, not to go to the shelter, and here's another place you could try. I follow the advice only to get the same line somewhere else. What is to prevent people from being cruel to animals and dumping them off when this is the response they are given when seeking help?

I am at the end of my rope. I have not just contacted the supposed animal lovers and organizations previously mentioned. I have also reached out to friends, family, and people on my network via social media. I've driven to Petcos in the area and posted notices. Why is this such a big deal?

I remember when I visited Malyasia noticing a dog roaming the village streets and I commented on how skinny he was. The people in the group laughed and pointed out to me that he was a normal sized dog. It was just a dog. Happily living free in the village streets. No biggie. As I learn more and more about the world outside of the United States I feel more and more duped. The "problems" that I have feel like complete and total bullshit. Have I loved my kitties, yes. Have I been good to them, yes. But hell, they're cats. Does this really deserve days of my life? Drives, talks, postings? I don't know. The more time I spend on it, the less I feel it is.

Sunday I learned of a group of people in China. They have lived the same way for centuries. Using bamboo for housing, furnishings, and even food. Today I read a post about children living in Niger, Africa in a "camp" that is nothing more than trash and dirt. Most of these children are only partially dressed. What would they have to say about this cat post? 

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