Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's get out of here!! Continued.

Hello there!!!

If you read my previous blog you know I talked about getting out, exploring and the possibility of doing it no matter what your budget or time restrictions. So last week I went on an adventure and I'd like to share it with you like I promised.... Most of this will be in pictures. Away we go!!!!

The first destination was a 7 hour drive & that alone was so impressive. There were many beautiful sights but the craziest things were the weather variations.

Beautiful and strong. There was a torrential rain that had me slow to 30 mph on the freeway at points and there was a gorgeous lightning display. I wish I could've captured the lightning...

Then before you know it, our first destination! A small town called Williams were we had booked our hotel.

And some local BBQ for dinner. It was so cold out!! I was amazed knowing that while we were eating dinner and shivering (it was my fault I wanted to eat outside to enjoy the guitarist) it was hot enough for air conditioning just hours away at home.

I had already seen beautiful weather, amazing desert scenes, and a cute little town. But nothing could prepare me for.....


This next picture shows the magnitude.. See the people?

The beauty of The Grand Canyon was overwhelming and humbling. I was scared at times but mostly completely in awe. I know my pictures can't capture it all, really it took a few days to comprehend. Still, I hope you're enjoying it. : )

Then as people made their way back.

The day drew to a close.....

Thank you Lord for the beauty you have made. Truly I felt blessed to have witnessed it.

A new day a new location! Here's some beauty we stumbled upon on our drive out....

Now on to Las Vegas! I'm stoked!!!

After days of fun in Sin City, we found another cool thing on our way home. A ghost town... : O

This 5 day trip for 3 filled with good food, brand new sights (except for Las Vegas), tons of fun and inspiration, not to mention memories that will last a lifetime, cost less than $1,000!! Can you believe it!?! I really hope you enjoyed the pictures please do share your adventures with me as well. I'd love to see what's going on with you.

*For those of you that appreciate photography/technology, these photos were captured with my iPhone 3GS and edited on my Macbook using iPhoto. ; )

That's it for now! Remember how fantastic you are and that anything is possible. Blog ya later! :D

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