Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let's get out of here!!!

This Summer, I'm making a point to get out and expand my horizons. I have done some traveling and have enjoyed each spot but there is so much out there to see, I am making sure I get out and explore.

A couple of blogs ago I talked about going BIG or going home. When it comes to traveling, the same applies. Maybe money is an issue? Maybe it's time? Maybe you just aren't sure how to get started. Well, here's some suggestions:

1. Act like a tourist in your city. We all work so hard and since your city is your "home" you probably figure you've seen it all, but I guarantee if you act like a tourist in your city, you will be surprised at what you learn about your area and how relaxed you can feel by checking out what's new around you. Bonus points if you stay somewhere besides your home. : )

2. Take a road trip. These give you the most power. They can be a day, weekend, week, or months long. You control where you go, how much you spend AND there's a lot of options / a lot to cover. Borders can be a good resource. You can also look online for destinations.

3. Fly away! This is the biggie for all of us because we usually think of it as something reserved for when we have more time or more money. We also think we have to go far to get on a plane. There are plenty of discounts to be found if you wanna fly somewhere just check Kayak, Travelocity, or Expedia. Are you a member of AAA? Put that membership to use!

No matter what the circumstances are, remember that you are a wonderful person that deserves the best. So treat yourself on whatever your budget will allow and get out of here!! I for one am going to see the Grand Canyon & then I'm stopping over in Las Vegas for a few days. I'll be sure to post some pictures. : ) You do the same when you decide where you're going ok?!?

Safe travels!!

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