Monday, November 8, 2010

Actorfest Los Angeles, what an inspiring day!!

Hundreds of Actors, Downtown L.A., workshops, panels, and more. This past Saturday, 11/6/10 was awesome! I had never heard of Actorfest before, so when I came across information on it about a month ago I was really excited. After all, I have trained and I've met other actors briefly in auditions and classes but a whole day dedicated to both seemed so exciting to me I couldn't pass it up. I am so glad I went. Upon arrival there were throngs of actors in different lines and I wanted to take a picture to capture it all but my desire to get in the right line for processing and making it inside on time won out. I did however take a picture of the view from my first workshop, check it out!

A workshop on mastering the audition, along with panels filled with television and film casting directors had my brain on overload. I learned some great stuff but most of all I left so inspired! I got to meet some nice fellow actors too. A girl named Taylor who flew out from Kentucky for the day! Another girl named Michelle from Canada, a sweetheart named Angel, and a nice French girl with the coolest accent and the loveliest name, Veronique... 

The drive home had me looking up literally and figuratively. I don't hang out in Downtown L.A. too much so I couldn't help but snap a pic of my view! 

Once on the freeway, I caught a glimpse of the sky and I tell you it perfectly matched how I felt inside. Plus, I thought it looked so beautiful.

I mean what a day, I was so energized once I got home I couldn't help but dump my goodie bag out on my bed and go through all the great info and cool stuff I got. Later this week, I'm going to dig in a little further. 

I asked every Actor I came in contact with if they had been to Actorfest before and not a single person was a repeat visit (I hear it is held once a year.) As for me, I'd be open to going again next year. Of course, if I do, I'll have a different game plan to switch things up a little bit. Over all, it was a fantastic time. Thanks for reliving my Saturday with me. Cheers to networking, knowledge, and fun. 

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ilovemin said...

i LOVE that you're exploring new paths and chasing your dream. i admire your excitement and tenacity. can't wait to see what comes next! <3