Friday, November 5, 2010

In with the new, on to the next

Hip Hop on the radio, I sit and type this blog to you with a full upheaval going on in my world. I have been going through all the items in my home as of late. Passing things on to interested people I love, donating, and throwing things away. I am shocked at how good this feels. Really, I'm finding it quite addicting.

#1. I'm finding things I had forgotten about.
#2. It brings me great joy to pass on items to someone else that could use them.
#3. It feels so much lighter to get rid of things you aren't using and truly cherishing.
#4. Seeing and living with everything so organized afterward is awesome!

If you have the chance to do this, give it a go. It feels so good! I personally like to donate to The Salvation Army but there are plenty of ways you can donate, there are even collection bins for clothes posted in various shopping centers! Believe me when I say you will be surprised to find out how rich you are right now... I'd love to hear if any of you took up this challenge! The good feeling you get is priceless and if that isn't enough for you, you can also get tax write offs. Double bonus!! If you already donate regularly, feel free to let me know how and where you donate to as well. Cheers to full and bountiful lives. You are awesome.

I'll be posting another blog soon... until then, love and light.

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