Friday, January 7, 2011


Relaxed, happiness, dazed, dreamlike, focused, excited, nervous. I can't help but think about my guys too. I miss them so much and keep seeing things that remind me of them. :*( 

The transfer in Vegas was awesome. I sat down at my favorite slot machine and won $250.00 on one pull!! I got up with almost 300 in winnings off of $20!! Yeah HOO that's what I'm talkin' about! 

Having never been to Washington, I'm super excited to see what it's like. I hope I'll be warm enough with my Cali layers. Trying to build a warm AND coordinated outfit was a challenge. I don't even own anything waterproof!   :O  I should be landing in a little bit and just look at what I've seen outside of my window.. Don't the clouds look frozen? 

Even the side of the plane feels cool! LOL

Once I landed, I was met by the nicest people and whisked away to get something to eat then off to wardrobe, makeup, and set to shoot! 

After, I was taken to The Davenport Hotel which turned out to be a real treat!! Turns out the Davenport is a landmark and the place responsible for putting Spokane on the map! They had great service and lovely rooms. What do you think?

Spokane itself is really lovely..

& just like that it's time to head back home! 

Yay Washington!! I can't wait to go back.. Cheers to more travel adventures in acting! :D

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