Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Mother's Love

Silence in the office,
voices in the other room.
So lonely.
The weight of the world shouldered,
one minute forging on, the next apathy, anger, and now waves of crushing sadness..
Oh to scream.
Instead sobbing quietly

Lied to me again. 
Lots of lies. 
Some small
some big, 
but still a good job was done of it. 
Months passed and the truth might not have been known.
Now like fighters in a ring,
only corners...
My back is pressed.
You had to leave.
Said you didn't want to,
But morning brought your absence.
7 days.
Now a call?

Why on earth is the "right" thing so hard?
The desire to love it away held back. 
That wouldn't help now.
Still I do though, I love you & I always will. 
And THAT is why this is excruciating.

Tears, confusion.
 You tell me you love me.
& I love you too.
 But the problems remain.

You can figure this out I say.
No one wants to hang up the phone.
Words fail and then it's over.

I'm left with God and the strongest paper towel
Both seem to hold everything.
This too shall pass.
Because I DO love you and I know that when you solve this puzzle, you'll be set free....

Until then I'll be here, waiting.
I promise. 
I'll be here no matter what 

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