Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tee-riffic: Yes Darling, Let's Do Lunch

Hello!! In my home office now, chewing ice and freezing cause the air is on. Giddy from life, love, and the way things turn out if you do what you gotta do and then let them happen. I have plenty of projects I will be announcing this week ( DJ & Actor related) in addition some opportunities that have me over the moon happy. Last two days were funky, then POW clarity. It all came to a head when I went on my errands for today...

First, went with my hubby to Central Casting. It is a place for those in Los Angeles to register for extra work on sets. Hubby acted some as a child but is re surging his career and starting from scratch. Finding myself there was surreal as it brought me back to the struggle of acting in the beginning. The process? Long and arduous. We didn't get seen today because the line was too long and I had an appointment at 1:00.

From there, we drove off to my appointment. A scheduled lunch with my agent. At which time, I was able to enjoy delicious healthy food, amazing uplifting conversation, outdoor dining on the patio in shaded warmth. I love my agent. Shoot, I love my agency. Before I was with them I had been signed three other times. I had even had a couple managers. Things didn't happen instantly, some hard decisions were made. Some sacrifices too. I shed some tears. There was even a time I contemplated quitting. Now I find myself doing lunch with my agent, driving around town with my husband, enjoying freedom, health, love, and the delicious blessings that I believe are bestowed on me from God.

I am a person just like you. Living the best life I can create for myself. Here's what I know works.

If there is anything you wish to do, do it.
In the middle of something you love but facing fear & uncertainty? Hang in there.
Getting the feeling you should make some life changes? Make it happen.
You have everything you need right now to usher in positivity and goodness. So, take action!

And then, for heaven's sake darlings, let's do lunch.


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