Friday, July 29, 2011

Tee-riffic: Awkward

Say you're up for an opportunity alongside someone you really like, care about, or even love. You get the opportunity. Everything goes well. As a matter of fact it is quite literally the answer to some of your prayers. Naturally you are feeling amazing. High. Exhilarated. 

Until you aren't. Your person didn't get it. As a matter of fact their experience was quite the opposite of yours. It was bad. They feel bad. Now, so do you. Shit.

Awkward. Now what? Not only is your moment completely taken away but you genuinely feel bad. You're on console mode. You mean every word, but it sucks. You wish your person would have gotten a chance too. And as sad as you are for your person, you're happy for you and want to give this blessing it's full light. 

I wish I knew what to say and how to make this better. This happened to me today and it was further exacerbated this evening when the situation came up again while speaking to a friend. I love my person. I'm sorry they didn't get it. But I also feel they should buck up, these things happen all the time. Remember my magical day as an Actor last post? I didn't hear anything from any of those opportunities. I could sit and feel bad or defeated but I don't. Who knows?! I may or may not get any of them. I had fun and most importantly I tried. There have been countless times I have been in the presence of this same person and they have gotten praise or opportunities that I didn't get. I didn't make that mean I am not good enough. Why on Earth would I do that? Why would any of us? We are all amazing wonderful beings. 

Cheers to that. Cheers to you. Cheers to my person who is still amazing. And by golly, cheers to me for getting this lovely blessing today. I am excited and super grateful. Thank you God. I may not have let it shine bright, but I have been beaming about it. All day. 

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