Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Magic of Christmas, 2011

This Christmas was absolutely amazing for me. I felt the magic all around me in the most unexpected ways... Coming out of childhood and straight into parenthood, I never strayed from the traditional ways of celebrating. You know, the lights, the decorations, the tree, the presents. These were things I have always loved, surely. This time though, none of those things were included in my experience. 

You see, my babies are no longer in my home. Faced with this, and my extended family's situation (Grandma's cancer has changed the certainty of gatherings at her house) I let my heart lead me and decided to feel Christmas and be Christmas without the outer showings we usually employ.

Christmas Eve I DJ'ed for a place called Hillsides. They are a kid's home that provides everything necessary for kids that do not have family. Being with them was an absolute joy. it was nice to bond with them and focus on giving them a good time. Afterward, I had planned to go to church which is something I had never done on Christmas Eve before. Amidst the beautiful decorations, the telling of the story of Christ's birth, the singing, and the candle lighting, I was touched to the core. On the way there, I had noticed a homeless set up near the freeway on ramp. Although I didn't see the people, I immediately was touched and felt the need to give. On the way back home I left some Christmas cookies I had been given at the Hillsides party along with 5 dollars and a prayer. The thought of them coming back to a small surprise made me happy and I hope it made them happy too. Once home, hubby and I got comfy. Watching Christmas movies we'd never seen before on Netflix and eating the Christmas turkey I had made earlier that day. We even fell asleep to a digital fireplace video! It was wonderful.

The next morning we arose to a pumpkin pie & coffee breakfast. What a treat! We then took off to Disneyland which was a first for both of us as we had never been at Christmas time, let alone on Christmas Day. There was much magic there, it took only 30 minutes to arrive which is about half of normal time. Upon arriving, we were told where to buy tickets where there was no line, we were gifted a fast pass to the 1st ride we were in line for by two lovely strangers at random, we were unexpectedly given a 10% discount on lunch, we even got to see the fireworks show from right in front of the castle! It was a grand day. 

My family was not left out of the equation. I spent time with my hubby's side earlier this month on the 16th at a gathering they planned. I sent every one of my family members cards and then texts on Christmas. I spoke with my daughter, and I reached out to my Dad which was big for me because I had had cut off communication with him a couple of year's ago after getting really hurt and angry at him.

Being Christmas this year, really being it in my heart has been the most profound experience. It has left me longing for Christmas to last. Now, I will look for ways to keep it going. 

How was your Christmas? What was your greatest gift? Your favorite new memory? I hope to hear from you...... xo

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