Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year in L.A.

This past Sunday, I got to continue my year of firsts by going to Chinatown (located in Downtown L.A) to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Although I missed the parade (boo) I did still have a great time walking around the busy streets and taking in the sights and sounds. There was so much action and I spotted quite a few Dragons which totally made my day. :D If you would like to visit Chinatown in Los Angeles, click HERE they have all kinds of things to enjoy throughout the year. The rest of this post is in pictures. Hope you like them, enjoy!

We're ready!
These students were so festive. I got my Dragon parade after all...

Got Tony this cool hat for only 3 bucks!
The most beautiful Asian flute sound.... she was great.
Celebratory dance with romance and fight scenes!! 

A most elaborate and lovely shrine. Beautiful...
A great day, a fun time. It doesn't matter how much money you have. Chinatown can be done your way at any time of the year. Hope you enjoyed coming with me to some of the Chinese Year of the Dragon New Year festivities. Until the next adventure..... BIG hugs.

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