Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting my Model on for Comcast. Join me on set!

Hey there, ever wonder what some of these model shoots are like? I still get excited and intrigued when I'm on one and this last time, I thought of you! I figured it would be fun. A "take your friends to work" day... :D Hope you like it. Here's how it went down.

Call time had me getting there at 2pm. Parking was available for us which was great since the location was in Downtown L.A. Getting there, I turned the corner and walked right into a lovely trailer complete with comfortable surroundings and a chef at the stove making lunch! Is that an awesome greeting or what??? ;) That day Comcast was shooting three ads and it just so happened I was scheduled to be the last. So, I enjoyed some delicious food, read a magazine I had brought, filled out some paperwork, and then waited to be called to get ready.

Upon being called I walked over to wardrobe. A magical place filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, YAY! For those of us that love fashion, this is a wonderful experience. People pulling clothes to make you look your best for the project. I have yet to do a high fashion spread but I still feel fancy every time I go through this process. Even if I were being dressed up in overalls it would be 10 different sets all in my size. :) Believe me, it rocks.

Once that was done, it was back to waiting. I got to meet some people, talk. I even ate again. Got my hair and makeup done, and of course, took some pictures:

My view rounding the corner on way to set.

I've arrived!!
Is it night already?!
Our trailer. Complete with chef!

Production trucks...

A glimpse at wardrobe.

On set for Comcast.

Comcast set pic #2. 

Comcast set pic #3. 

Now, the final product! The Comcast ad. 

AND NOW FOR SOME TIPS for aspiring Models/Actors:

**Make sure you always have your exact and correct measurements and sizes available and posted because you will be put into clothes for these shoots and you do not want to cost production time and money by not being spot on with this information. Even after you've been hired, you could lose a job if this information is not correct.

**Taking pictures is usually forbidden on set. Doing so can is considered a major no no. If you are allowed to take pictures (meaning you have been cleared to do so by an authority on set) you must NEVER release anything about the job until it is wrapped and legitimately released to the public.

Hope that helps! &

I hope you enjoyed coming to work with me. Cheers to fun and flashes!!

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