Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Days to Greatness Day 12

Gosh, I feel myself getting stronger. Make no mistake I could totally take a nap right now but I feel myself being able to handle the workouts better. I seriously encourage anyone that is interested in achieving a fitness goal to do it today. There is much to gain both physically and mentally.

Today's workout:
P90X Legs and Back with the Ab Ripper X.

Today's Nutrition:
Many glasses of water. I am up to 9+ now.
Breakfast - Cream of Wheat with almonds, ground flaxseeds, and honey. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - Fresh juice made of carrots, apple, and lemon. 1 cracked wheat sourdough toast with hummus. 2 hardboiled eggs.

*I sense I am not eating enough to fuel my added activity. I am making due now because I will have to go grocery shopping soon.

Today's Tip:
Have a hard time maintaining your focus when in the middle of a tough workout or exercise? Think about what you are working for. Example: Today while my muscles were burning instead of thinking about that pain, I was imagining my body transformed into my ideal vision. This kept me going and focused on the exercise.

Hope this helps!

& remember.....   You can do it!!!!!!!

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