Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Days to Greatness, Day 11

Ever feel like you could just dream forever?? That's how I awoke this morning. Had to be up and at 'em for 2 auditions and other business. Fit my workout in between it all and now, at 7:08 pm, I'm beat. I can feel myself getting stronger already though. There are exercises that are getting easier and muscle groups that are not burning so badly. Also, I am noticing less soreness which is wonderful. Night's are great because I am genuinely tired and I don't have to work to get to sleep. I am also noticing freedom from back pain which is something I used to feel regularly. I posted about it in my 1st 30 Day Challenge post. My back is where I hold my stress and I know that working out is helping me release stress. It's great to get physical every day. With that said, here are today's stats...

Today's workout:
P90X Yoga X as dictated by their lean plan.

Today's nutrition:
Breakfast - 1 egg on a piece of sourdough toast, 2 cups of coffee.
Lunch pre workout - 2 blueberry waffles with syrup 1 cup of coffee.
Dinner - Chipotle Bowl with romaine lettuce, black beans, fajita vegetables, carnitas, light sour cream and light cheese. Chips and guacamole.
Lots of water all day, I am averaging roughly 10 glasses a day now.

Today's workout tip:
I had posted about working out on my facebook page and asked people when they like to work out. It was then that Luis let me know he was still trying to get started. In honor of him, here's a tip!!

How about approaching a friend, family member, coworker, and seeing if they will work out with you or lend you their workout DVD so you can get your fitness goals started! This can help make you accountable because you will have a partner counting on you and can save you money if you are not interested in joining the gym  or purchasing DVDs right now. Where there's a will, there's a way. So go and find your's today!

See you tomorrow...


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