Monday, July 16, 2012

Day's 28 & 29 of 30 Days to Greatness

Hi friends, it is already my 29th day of this challenge. I can tell you that I feel great. I have noticed all kinds of changes and am happy to report I am having the best period in a long time. I usually suffer from bad cramps and fatigue but none of that has happened this month. I am hoping that is due to my new fit lifestyle. I was supposed to change up my workout after the third week and didn't realize it so I am now changing up my workout after my 4th week. I am still following the P90X lean plan and have made the modifications they have specified. Here are today's stats.....

Today's Workout:
P90X Yoga X as directed by their lean plan.

Today's Nutrition:
Breakfast - An egg scramble with tomato, onion, spinach, and an English muffin. 3 cups of coffee.
Lunch post workout - leftover wheat pasta with tomato sauce, tomato, onion, and portobello mushrooms with a garlic toast. Low sodium V8 to drink
Water all day.

Yesterday (day 27) was my rest day but I still enjoyed a wonderfully active time. Myself and Tony went to Descanso Gardens and enjoyed nature by way of plants, flowers, trees, insects, Koi, Turtles, and more. We took photos and had great conversation. We both have pedometer apps on our phones but I was lower than usual on my battery and taking photos with my phone so I asked him (a little late in our stay) to track our progress with the pedometer. Yesterday's outing was approximately 2 miles of walking and a lot of fun. :)

1. Don't have a gym membership or workout DVD? Get out and WALK. This is free and can start low impact as you warm up if you have not been doing much activity. This is also very good for your mood as it will get your blood pumping and your mind out and into nature and the world at large. Track your progress with a Pedometer App. I started with this one and now I use this one.
2. Places to walk:
Your neighborhood.
The park.
The mall.
The beach.
To a nearby errand that needs to get done like the store, post office, video rental, dry cleaners, etc.

The best things in life are free! So get out there and enjoy what's waiting for you. You are worth it. your mind and body will thank you for it.


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