Friday, July 27, 2012

Filming for Ford in Seattle

A lot of people will say that being an Actor is tough. The rejection, the uncertainty, the constant chasing for affection... do they like me?? Will I get chosen?? Blah....

In life we all have our paths to choose and when it comes to me and Acting, I can only say that I love it. I love the creativity, fun, and "uncertainty" of it all. I get to play. I get to be. I get to do. In my acting career I have been blessed with quite a few opportunities. Some may be judged as bigger or better than others, some less or more important. Each time I have been able to act, be, do, play I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am always grateful to get to do my thing. 

This time, however was one of the best so far.....

I had gotten hired for a Ford commercial and this commercial required I travel to Seattle, Washington. So not only did I get to experience the professional joy of being on a shoot, I got to experience the personal joy of travel. The entire experience was magical. I was so excited I barely slept the entire time I was out there! Seattle was beautiful and every person I got to work with was fun and cool. Some of the people I met I consider life long friends. Below, I have included a some pictures and if you would like to see the final product, please go to

Airport chillin'... waiting to board.
Yeah! It's go time. Alaska Airlines was great.
First views on way to hotel

My room! Modern decor, bright colors, and a fur throw! I'm home. ;)
Did I mention the views!! I loved looking out my hotel room window. This is view 1.
View 2 from hotel room window... I love that the cloud looks like a heart.
View 3. Every time I came in or out of the room i made sure to appreciate the views. <3

Stoked! Now time to head out to eat with the group.
So lovely

Fellow actor and now my friend Sha-hid.
The group shot :D
I had to take another solo.. ;)
Lovely views, can you believe by this time it's almost 10 at night?
I was marveling at the fact the sun hadn't gone down yet...
Dinner was so good! We had to have seafood. I tried the freshest oysters EVER!
Then before the sun, I had to report to set! Yummy catered breakfast and wardrobe. Yes please!
In the wardrobe trailer. I didn't keep the glasses for the shoot because my "boyfriend" wore glasses. 
So much art. These trees had knitted sweaters! How cool!
Live music was a joy.
Art was everywhere. Loved it.
Yay it was my turn to shoot. Here's a live set shot.
Inside our car...
Then before you know it, it was time to leave. Bright and early our chariot awaited us and took us to the airport.
Peace from the plane!
Thanks for coming with me to Seattle, Washington. I hope you liked the lovely views. It was a real joy to experience this. I am looking forward to more of the same. If you are an Actor, shoot if you are a person, we can all look to the difficult things but I encourage you to look to the light. The best awaits us there no matter what industry we happen to work in. Cheers to the best life has to offer us.

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