Thursday, August 16, 2012

Danger Makeup, Skin Deep

Recently I was appalled and shocked to find out that a lot of the products I have purchased and fallen in love with are really bad for my skin, hair, and health. I have been educating myself a lot lately on health, fitness, and nutrition. The things I have been finding have been pretty interesting and at times, totally alarming. 

I had watched a documentary on Netflix called Chemerical which has to do with how our every day cleaning products and toiletries are sometimes highly damaging not just to our environment at large (from the waste they produce, pollutants, toxicity) but to our intimate environments (our homes and bodies.) I learned a lot. I especially took notice of a website that was mentioned briefly in the film that would allow us the every day consumer to look up our products to check their levels of toxicity. 

What happened after that had my head spinning. I threw away a lot of products and am still not done. I found it hard to believe that even though I saw they were highly toxic for me, some stuff, that had become my favorites and I had stock piled still were hard to throw away. But I did it. I had to reassure myself that I really don't need this stuff and I certainly can't justify a product's worth over my health! Can you believe the sunscreen I was putting on my face every day for the past 3- 4 years I found out actually causes my skin to be more sensitive!! There is also an ingredient that has cancer risks in it!! I was so angry.

Realizing the importance of sharing this information, I snapped photos of some of the products I threw away. I couldn't dig the smaller stuff out of the trash cause it was full of coffee grounds and other stuff at that point. Sorry, one of the pictures literally is trashy LOL :P

I just want for everyone out there to know that you have the right to choose what is important to you. You can choose non toxic options. You can choose to spend your money on things that will give you what you want with no surprises. The fact that this information is not given to us infuriated me and I wanted to share it. Man or woman, it doesn't matter. This site also has men's products along with sunscreen, deodorants, cleansers, etc. If you would like to look up your products you can do so here

Ideally, everything that would be available to us would be with our greatest good in mind. Until that happens at least you can see for yourself and decide from there. 

With love, and the best health wishes. Always....

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