Friday, September 21, 2012


I love great tasting healthy food. I love a great atmosphere. I like when I go somewhere and the people are friendly. If you add on business practices and philosophies that are socially conscious or good for our environment, it'll probably become one of my favorites. ROFL Cafe has all these things and they are located on cool and funky Melrose in Hollywood so you can visit them and get your stroll or shop on. I call that a great afternoon. Heck, it could also be a good night. :) Don't be surprised when they pronounce the name Rawful the letters ROFL actually stand for Republic of Laughter although I think it's totally fine to think of it as we all know it (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) because it conjures up a feeling of joy which is exactly what they intend for their guests.

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The Margherita pizza. It's what I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed. No leftovers for me!

The Pineapple and Pancetta pizza. That was Tony's choice. Also very good. 

Cheers to yummy food, fun people, and uplifting environments!

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