Friday, September 14, 2012

Hepa for Health

While hiking yesterday morning my girlfriend spoke to me about how bad her allergies are and how recently she had been affected to the point where one side of her face was totally inflamed. This may seem pretty extreme but as an L.A native, I can attest to what it is like living in an area where the air is less than pristine. As a matter of fact, as an L.A. native, the air quality never really bothered me. I was used to it. Until I wasn't...... : /

It seemed that the last straw was broken when I moved to a trendy cool new neighborhood with a roommate that had 2 cats. I also had 2 cats and even though I would vacuum daily, and keep the kitty station stocked and clean, the animals along with the extra dust and pollution from my cool new neighborhood (tons of cars and action going on in the street below) proved to be too much. I started to wake up with pain in my sinuses, stuffy head, feeling drowsy. The point I'm making is that whether your face swells up or not, you may be someone who could benefit from a HEPA filter. I bought one and it turned out to be the best investment ever! I recommended it to my girlfriend yesterday and would like to recommend it to you for the following reasons.

It removes 99.97% of the allergens in your air.
It is quiet, painless, and free of side effects. Can you say the same for allergy medication?
It can prevent allergy symptoms when used. Because, if the air is purified, your allergies won't flare up!
It is verrry cost effective when you factor in what allergy medications and related Doctor's visits could run you. Saving money ROCKS!
Lastly, anytime we can turn to natural instead of pharmaceutical solutions to our problems we are winning!

When I got my Homedics professional HEPA Air Cleaner, I paid around $100 for it. When I researched it for my girlfriend after our hike I found it for $30 less! So, if you are interested, I would recommend you checking it out and considering getting one for yourself. This is perfect for anyone living in situations where there are animals in the home, open windows cause natural pollutants or pollutants from city life like exhaust etc., allergies are present.

What it looks like in the box. I was excited when I got mine, I thought, will this really work? 

Now I know it does work! Here's my HEPA filter in my room  :)

 Cheers to great health! Naturally......

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