Monday, September 9, 2013

I found God, he says hello

I don't know if anyone reads this blog. I don't blame them after all I do not post regularly and unlike some very snazzy blog writers I do not have a specific topic or direction. Just rants about life, things I'm learning, observations, things I think are cool.

I tried reading the Bible and stopped at the book of Samuel. That's my lil attempt at tying last blog and this blog together ;) Funny thing is, I feel God in my life more now than I ever have before and things are so wonderful right now. I am truly grateful.

Almost daily I check all of my social media including this blog and today I just felt like writing a little something. It seemed so lonely and forgotten with my last post being months ago. I don't pretend anyone is hanging on a string over it. It's just for me to not feel theres a dusty mess under my bed. :)

Truth is, I have been out living. Fully living. Going to church regularly, traveling, working, working out, connecting with friends. I am living a full life and it feels so good. My birthday was August 26th and I went Skydiving for the 1st time. It was an experience that has changed me forever. I thought to write about it since then but until now couldn't find the words to describe it in a post. All I can say is that I jumped out of a plane 13,000 feet in the air! It was amazing, exhilarating, fun, thrilling, and totally awe some. As in really filled with awe. I felt filled with God and I still do.

I'm learning more and more and so I guess I'll end it with this. I may have stopped reading the Bible at Samuel but I am living in my faith fully every day.

God bless...

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