Friday, July 2, 2010

Ask and you shall receive, is it really this easy?

Here I am amidst some amazing happenings and although I have been hard at work doing everything I can to make these things happen, I have also been doing something very different this time around. I've been asking. *Gasp =O

I'm not sure if it was my culture or upbringing, or just plain 'ol pride but somewhere along the way I got the idea it wasn't good to ask for things and so until recently I never did. I am here to tell you friends that this is a big mistake. I am not saying that anyone should relinquish their power by expecting others to do for them, I am simply saying that when you supplement your efforts with asking for what you lack or don't understand, it will be delivered to you.

When I took a film class recently, I asked my coach & fellow Actors some questions and ended up making some great connections, changing my course regarding representation, and finding out about some new classes I want to take!

Want another example? For a long time now I had been looking for someone I can swap clothes with because I do a lot of events and wear things once or twice then never again. I always donate to Salvation Army but figured swapping clothes with a girlfriend would be fun and a really green way to give/get new clothes. After putting this out there for a while I found my swap buddy! Turns out, it was great girl that has been in my circle for years just not intimately.

So friends if you're trying to figure something out, make a connection, live out your dream, whatever.... Do all you can and make sure you don't forget to ASK!

PS: A book I have been reading that has a lot of great resources in it is called The Other 8 Hours. It deals with making the 8 hours you are not working or sleeping, work for you. Check it out at

Now go out and ask for somethin' LOL :P

Love ya, have an awesome weekend.

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