Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm an Actor part deux...

So last night I posted my 1st blog on acting and my overall outlook. Today's post on acting has to do with a very real side effect which is the "mobile office" "conference space" "dressing room" need I go on??? On a normal day this is what I'm working with...

But today I had 3 auditions which lead to 3 appointments, casting offices, & looks. There was backyard BBQ, red carpet host, and then gamer (as in video gamer). So, what's a pro to do?

You make it happen.

Hence I found myself rolling around town, enjoying the sights and the opportunity to play and connect with my fellow actor and the casting directors.

*For anyone that is new to Acting, auditioning, or just new to auditioning regularly, plan it out. Map your routes, have your changes, scripts, head shots ready. If your new to Los Angeles especially. Leave time to arrive, locate, and park. If there is a specific question or comment I'd love to hear it. This helps me know what you guys wanna hear or could benefit hearing about! *shrugs..

**& in a totally unrelated yet totally related note, I happen to be listening to this ultra delicious audio sampling. You'd be foolish not to listen to this song!

Thanks for spending this moment in time with me, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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