Friday, February 25, 2011

Lucky? This doesn't feel lucky.. Actor tales

Rainy day in L.A. Things move slower when this happens, this is an actual truth not myth. Had an audition today. Good stuff. I was looking forward to it. Got up got ready got out. Arrived, signed in, and waited.... after an hour's time elapsed, I finally left to find my "lucky charm"

Bunko. : /

Well see how lucky my charm really is.. when I confirm booking the spot! LOL Right now, I'm happy to be inside typing away from my home office, listening to the rain outside my window. Believe me also when I say that Saturday and Sunday's arrivals are welcome ones.

This will be the second parking ticket I've gotten while out on audition. I mention this for any other business artists that are interested in true finacial calculations. These unexpected expenses do add up. Factor in the cost of agency fees, training, marketing materials, memberships, etc. It is important to watch your bottom line. It also does reflect a truth. This path is far from a get rich quick, "Cribs" style MTV extravaganza. There's a reason why sage advisors recommend strongly coming into this only if you really love it.

Another day in the life right?? :) All we can do is our best. As for this parking ticket myth, let's see.. I'll keep you posted. ;)

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