Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your job is to do what??? I'm an Actor.

Heyo!! LOL If you know where that comes from and comment it, you will get a prize. For now though, I can't help but chuckle... Heyo!! LOL Here we go.

I had asked a few friends via facebook whether or not I should blog actor tales and after a resounding yes, here we are, my first one. As an Actor, there are many stages of victory and or defeat. Like anything else, your outlook will determine a lot of your success and or failure or at least that is what my experience has taught me... Then again, one could argue that even our experiences are dictated to ourselves by ourselves via the subconscious. So what about acting? Well....

I tend to take the glass half full approach and am currently experiencing what I categorize as wins.

1. My Commercial / Print Agency is absolute genius for me. I feel so at home with them and they work so well for me. I do alot of auditioning with them and am glad to have such a perfect fit.

2. My Management has been awesome. I've gotten a few audition calls from them recently which has been a cool bonus.

3. Auditions have been a blast! Whether improv, voice over, script memorization, reactions, or just a "look", I been having such a good time. :D I also feel like I'm getting to know some of these casting directors and some of my fellow actors.

Tomorrow I have 3 auditions to look forward to. Today I had 2. The other day was the first time I'd had auditions scheduled I didn't really want to go to. After going and then hearing a Casting Director complaining, I shrugged it off and figured I had just had an off day. Low and behold, I got a call back and hold from that audition!

What I have been taking from these experiences is a real "seize the day" approach to life. Not only when I'm in the room auditioning and scheduling auditions throughout my day but also when I am not auditioning or "off". It's been really great. Hence all the nature & uplifting blogs below.. :)

Anyway, this is a snapshot into my life as an Actor, cheers to success for us all and joy along the way.

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