Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing.... photographer Christin Rose

My darlings, I can't decide what brings me greater joy. Seeing others around me succeed, or making introductions that can foster success. Really, I feel humbled and grateful every time. With that said, it brings me great pleasure to introduce photographer Christin Rose. I will now turn it over to her so you can see why she's so great.

"The new year brought a lot of changes for me. I resigned at the commercial photo agency I had been working at for a couple years to pursue my dreams of being a photographer and also work as a freelancer at a print production company."

"What started as something I liked in high school, pursued in college, and continued to do after graduating has turned into something much, much more; a passion and a dream. In short, photography has basically taken over my life. : ) I've "cannon-balled" into building this business and I just can't look back now."

"Along with weddings, I also shoot portraits, lifestyle, musicians, families & anything else that might make a beautiful picture."

"If you have a second to check out my work...you can go to these links:"

*My blog (has everything that I've been working on): http://christinrose.com/blog/
*And my main wedding site is here: http://www.christinrose.com/

"While I normally shoot in California & Oregon - I am able to travel anywhere and would appreciate you passing my info along to anyone you might know that's getting married."

"Thanks so much for taking the time!!
Blue Skies,"

Christin Rose Photography

How cool is she?! How great are her pictures! I am certain anyone looking for a photographer would love to work with her and to that I say, go Christin, go!

With love... Tee

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"cannon-ball" aka Applegate Bridge!!!