Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Blog With Your Mouth Full!!

Italian dry salami. Kettle cooked jalapeno chips. Crunchy, yummy, oh so good yet totally in the way of my writing process. Aaargh!! As I attempt to load my next mouthful and not lose my train of thought I notice I seem to have nailed down the quick bite / fingertip napkin swipe. YES! Nasty keyboards, not my thing.

Where oh where is the technology that will magically wi-fi my thoughts onto my computer screen. Steve Jobs? Apple wizards?? Alas, I digress.....

I felt this blog title was perfect not only to illustrate my very immediate situation but also to address the message at large which has to do with all of the things I'm currently working on. I have thoughts of taking on completely new ventures. There's so much. It's like my mouth is full of a yummy morsel, there's more on my full plate, and I wanna chat and chew at the same time! These ventures will include my artistic heart but my artistry wouldn't be the main focus. Making it all new, new, new. I consider this a tremendous breakthrough because I have been struggling with where my arts could fit in to my life today. Everything around me has been changing and I've been feeling called to do something more.

I can't reveal everything now but I can say that after modifying my vision board yesterday I woke up today ready to take charge. I tackled my items with purpose. I signed up for various volunteer activities. I discussed a new plan I have with my husband. I asked a question that lead to revealing a little of what I'm thinking of to my roommate. Then while making lunch, an idea... After coming back to my desk, 4 more.

It is my belief that we are all beautiful divine beings up to amazing things as we interact with each other through our lives. I believe the circumstances that surround us are miracle filled. I believe that we create our own destiny. That thoughts are things and that work and faith are the arms that carry those thoughts out into the world. I also believe that it doesn't have to be hard.

With that said, there will be more coming, so please stay tuned. Is there something new you're thinking of taking on?

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