Friday, May 20, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding, Let Love Rule

This girl is one of my best friends...

I've known her for years and whether we are in constant or non constant communication, the mutual respect love and support never waivers. So when she asked me to be in her wedding I was overjoyed and said yes never considering for a minute what it might entail.. there have been ups and downs. There have been different emotions. I'd also add that there were moments of discomfort.

There were hair. Nail. Makeup. And shoe mandates. There was a looong wait in heels on paved rocks with no seats. I wondered if this was all normal or if my friend had turned into a bridezilla. With no point of reference, I left it as a toss up. Innocent 'til proven guilty right?

Then again...

The beautiful romantic location with so much whimsy. The delicious food. The sounds. The celebration of my friends love and brand new wifey status. The good feeling that comes from being there for your friends.

Have you ever been in a wedding? What out of your ordinary thing have you done for a buddy?

I say, cheers to all of them.... <3

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