Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today I Signed Up To Work For FREE & No, I'm Not A Sucker...

On this day I decided to step out and take action on a feeling I had a couple weeks ago. It started when hubby and I went for lunch and I noticed a thrift shop. That chance encounter had me going in the place, meeting the owner, and discussing philanthropy with him. I was invited to join their team. Three weeks later, I was back and ready to speak about this opportunity further.

This meeting went nothing like I expected. To be honest this whole encounter has been unexpected and yet, that is part of it's charm. I went in there ready to present. To show. To handle sh*t. What can I say? That's how I work.... Then I discovered a laid back approach and flow that I wasn't used to. There was an openness, a trust that is lovely. I was asked questions. I was listened to. I was presented with a lot of information and not very much at all. It was a whirlwind. I feel invigorated, excited, and challenged a bit. This is something completely different for me.

I am faced with the task of generating a website, marketing, online presence, and fund generation for them. I plan to do it in a week's time.

Merriam Webster defines philanthropist as "a wealthy person who gives money and time to help make life better for other people." 

This is what I see myself as. This is how I live my life. Right now my bank account disagrees with my new title. I say my bank account is a liar. Actually, I just think my bank account is taking some time to catch up to me... things move fast in my world. :D

No matter what I know I have more than enough. This notion is so powerful sometimes it's hard to believe even when it's happening right in front of me! I'm not going to say living this truth happens mindlessly for me yet but I will say that I recognize it and do my best to foster those feelings every day. It is no coincidence that blessings surround me and touch me. I had been so wrapped up in the how it recently dawned on me that I enjoy unexpected money and favor all over the place! Perhaps it's coming to me indirectly because there is something else I have to learn in the area of giving and receiving. Either way, I'm a wiling student.

Is there something you are wanting to do but taking your time on? What are some of the ways you feel you better the world?

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