Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeah Mind, Get Outta My Mind!!!

Last night's sleep was terrible. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing and drenched in sweat. I woke up this morning in a daze straight out of weird dreams. Immediately negative thoughts pounced on me. Worry, judgements, confusion. Down the rabbit hole I went.

Lately it seems that when I really take a stance in my new life, my TODAY life (that I envision filled with abundance, purpose, positivity, possibility, philanthropy) I get attacked by negative thoughts and fear. It's like I'll have one or two amazing powerful days and then CRASH the next day or two I feel yucky. 

Trying to figure this out has been driving me nuts and seems to just exacerbate the problem. Then I read that I should allow myself to feel the emotions. Well what exactly does that look like? I am definitely feeling these emotions but gosh darn it I don't want to!!! Not only that but how long do these feelings get center stage?! Can anyone else relate to this??? 

Speaking with my husband really helped me this morning. Yes, he had sound advice to give but I also got a lot from myself because I tell you if you try to say out loud to someone else what you say to yourself a lot of the time it just seems plain dumb. If anyone else has experienced this please share because I have and it's unreal. 

I wish I had a remedy. I have been reading a lot and educating myself on these things but I cannot recommend anything right now as I am going through this myself currently. All I can say is that I WILL make it through this. If you are going through something YOU WILL make it through too. How about we lean on each other in the mean time? 

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