Sunday, June 12, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 19

Coming to my blog today and seeing I had a new subscriber made me so happy! There have been 2 new additions recently. Welcome Murt and Amanda! To any of you that are reading these I hope that you see the magic, wonder, blessings, fulfillment and more that can be found on this journey. With that said, here's day 19!

29 Gifts, Day 19June 12, 2011 at 9:46pm

Today my intention was to give as many gifts as I naturally could. While I am mindful of giving daily, I wanted it to be authentic and so here is what I did.

I saw a ball buried in some flowers and while walking back to my car, I took the ball out and gave it to the girls that were playing in their front yard. They were surprised and happy saying thank you as I went back across the street.
On the way to a callback audition I had scheduled today I smiled, greeted, and held open the door for some fellow actors also allowing them to sign in before me. They were all gracious and appreciative. To be honest that whole experience was quite wonderful.
While at this callback audition I used the restroom which was individual sized (unlike a public restroom with many stalls) I had used the last bit of toilet paper and so I stocked the bathroom with toilet paper I found under the sink and wiped off the excess water around the sink and counter.
I complimented a woman on her fabulous shoes.
I stopped by and left a note of gratitude and good health wishes for an acting coach that had to close his studio for health reasons this week.
While at the gas station I walked over to grab the window squeegee. Walking back, I realized the car behind us was lifting their wiper blades so I gave the squeegee over to him so that he could use it and then walked over to another set of pumps and got one to use myself.
At a Target dressing room I brought back my clothes as usual except this time I included all the extra hangers left behind by other shoppers in all the other vacant dressing rooms. 
Lastly, I signed a petition.

Today was wonderful. I had fun, felt good and also experienced some amazing gifts myself. Because my callback was in Santa Monica, hubby and I went to a restaurant we used to frequent in the Pacific Palisades. While there a waitress I know asked how my acting career was going and I informed her about the Orbit commercial I just booked. She looked at me straight in the eye genuinely and excitedly wishing me prosperity. I was immediately reminded of the enthusiasm I feel when wishing this for others and I immediately felt it mirrored back at me. I was so touched. I also recieved an unexpected post on my facebook wall from Jeremy the high school grad I DJ'ed for on Friday: Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for everything last Friday. My friends are still raving about the party and how great the DJ was! YAY! I feel so blessed. May all of you feel the blessings and richness I have on this journey. <3

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