Wednesday, June 15, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 22

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29 Gifts, Day 22June 15, 2011 at 9:31pm

Ah what a wondrous day indeed. I had two fittings one each for the commercials I booked. This had me busy and so happy. With my giving in mind, this is what I did.

Before heading out to the fittings, I went to work on the Carriage Hope website. Compiling all the data and info that the webmaster will then put into the site. I also have been working on setting up their social media. They had none of this before. I feel really happy and motivated doing this because I know it is important they be as visible as possible so their mission of assisting underprivileged children and low income families can be achieved to the fullest. It is a joy to work on this cause and I can't wait to see how far they will grow. 

I also continued my giving on the road. I applied this principle yesterday and doing it today just felt natural so now I look for ways I can assist other drivers by letting them in, go ahead, etc. 

Another gift I gave today was to a fellow Actor. My two fittings today were across town from one another. One was at 2 pm (in Hollywood) and the other at 4 (in Santa Monica.) LA traffic can be intense at times and my first fitting ran late because the ad agency wanted to see everyone in person to review the wardrobe the stylists and the director approved during the fitting. Because of this, I was a little over an hour late to my second fitting. I had been in communication with the stylist at the second appt. so they were all super understanding but, an actor meant to be my boyfriend in the second spot was held to wait for me so we could be seen and reviewed together. To make matters worse for him, his appt. time was at 3:15 so he was well over the 2 hour mark because of my delay. Even though it was not any fault of my own, I felt really bad about it so I gifted him with a scratcher (lottery ticket) in addition to a heartfelt apology. I just happened to have a couple in my wallet because I have someone in mind that I want to gift with these but I haven't run into him. Anyway, that felt really good and he was not only super understanding but surprised.

Blessed are we engaged in this, these 29 days, where we give gifts.

Love to you. <3

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