Friday, June 17, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 23


29 Gifts, Day 23June 17, 2011 at 3:08am

2:23 am typing in the dark cause hubby is sleeping, I just got in from filming the Orbit commercial.

I love my Macbook but wish the keys were illuminated. Anyway, I had so much fun!! We were on location,
the crew and fellow actors were wonderful, as was the food. :)
Today has been amazing. I even came home to a great stack of mail and nothing but songs I love on the drive home.

This morning started rough. My kids have been a cause of stress for me lately and this morning had me feeling bad and angry at an interaction with my daughter that was involving my son. I also was unusually tired. So much so, that I came home after breakfast and slept for 4 straight hours! I never do that. It was crazy. My gives started during this time.

I gave my daughter the truth. No anger, no guilt or blame, just the truth about how I feel and how I hope we could interact. She will send me a text and then just not respond to my response. I let her know I feel ignored when that happens and that if she'd like for me to respond to her immediately and continue to make her communications a priority, that I expect her to respond to me. I don't know if it's the "right" thing but it was a way for me to provide a possible understanding instead of just treating her differently. 

I gave my patience when our food came cold after waiting a while at breakfast.

I gave myself the chance to sleep with no judgements or guilt and respected what my body was telling me even though it didn't "make sense" because I had just gotten up, showered, communicated with my daughter, and ate breakfast.

I gave my best at today's shoot by arriving a half hour early, having good spirits, being polite and helpful wherever I could, and I gifted my last scratcher (lottery ticket) to my stylist. Once we were wrapped she was so pleased at how I returned the wardrobe. It was nothing special just hung back up and bagged but you'd be surprised how many people won't do these things. I was pleased at making the end of her day a little easier with this. Once I gave her the scratcher she was really touched. I only wished I had an extra one for our 2nd A.D (Assistant Director) he was so wonderful all day. I did give him my sincerest thanks though, letting him know how much I truly appreciated his guidance and demeanor.

All in all I've had a magnificent day. Love to all of you, goodnight.

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