Saturday, June 18, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 24.

I Can't Believe There's Only 5 Days Left.

29 Gifts, Day 24June 18, 2011 at 1:04am

At breakfast I got a treat in being able to meet comedian Bill Hader from SNL. I gifted him with a compliment on his great work. It was cool to shake his hand and let him know how much I appreciate his talent.

Today my giving was mostly about Carriage Hope the charity I am working with. Right now we are really building things up. They have done a lot and made good strides but they had stalled so, there's a lot of work and revamping to do. I had agreed to meet them every Friday at 10 am. I had gone to sleep at about 4 am and did not want to get up when the alarm went off. However, I made it happen! Only to realize there had been a miscommunication and the meeting was to be at 11. DOH! 

Needless to say, with some rearranging of my schedule, I got back there at 11:30 and went to work. I shared some new ideas on how we can improve the flow of the thrift store. They felt these ideas were good and agreed to implement them. In addition, I managed to find a better solution for their website in another programmer. The person we had now wasn't answering emails let alone making any progress causing concern about meeting our deadline. I met some other key people on our team too. All in all it was a great meeting. I feel really excited about all of this. There is so much help we can provide together and I plan on doing all I can to help make this a success. What I got from this was a huge surprise. They would like to make me chairman of the board. It hasn't gone through yet as everyone needs to vote and agree but the fact they are considering it is really humbling and I consider it a great gift. 

The rest of the day was good. I have a DJ gig tomorrow & I spent some time preparing for it today. I also enjoyed some down time with my husband. A couple of times today I felt dismayed by my hubby. What I gave in these situations is patience and as much understanding as I could muster. I do love the man after all... :P

Anyway loves, I'm off to bed. My DJ gig will have me up early to drive over, set up, and play from 10-Noon. Love to you, sweet dreams. 

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