Sunday, June 19, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 25

Today was a fantastic day! There's a new subscriber YAY! Welcome Runce... I also got the kindest tweet:

" Biji Anchery 

 your 29 day challenge is awesome! I'm going to try to start it among my friends too...good luck with the rest of it!"

If you are inspired to start this free life changing challenge, join the community here. To buy the book responsible for starting this movement, please click here. There are no ads on this site, if I recommend anything it is because I actually experience and love it. I have also tried to make the blog as interactive as possible providing options for you at the end of each. You are a wondrous being. May you be filled with that knowledge every day.

29 Gifts, Day 25 June 19, 2011 at 12:52am

Hello there loves, back in from a long but wonderful day. I watched X-Men tonight and that was fun. I also had a great time at dinner and a wonderful morning DJing for some amazing kids at an organization called Hillsides

This was a real treat. I have DJ'ed some events for them in the past and it is great to see them although today was exceptionally good. This was a give because I charged a very nominal fee and I also provided some CD's and stickers for the kids along with a toy to be added to their prize table. I almost feel silly talking about it because doing this was natural for me although being a part of the giving challenge, made me think of how to maximize my gives to them and that manifested in some other stuff while I was actually playing. 

The other gives I gave today were a compliment to a girl with amazing hair, a lengthly intentional smile with a stranger, and a pen to a guy who was waiting behind me for the ATM (I ran back to my car to get one when he asked.)

Then there was this morning. I gave understanding, patience, and compassion with the order taker/cashier of the drive thru window this morning when after four separate times she just wasn't getting my order right. I even said jokingly, "You went out last night didn't you? Did you have a hot date?" To which she replied after we both shared a laugh, 'I wish I could go out but I can't now, I have my kids." It was amazing how such a simple interaction could bring our world's together and then we were simply two human beings joyously connected instead of a drive thru window and a frustrated customer. 

"Blessed are we engaged in this, these 29 days, where we give gifts." - Me

Love to you... <3

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