Tuesday, June 21, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 27

"Blessed are we, engaged in this, these 29 days, where we give gifts."

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29 Gifts, Day 27June 21, 2011 at 1:16am

Guess what? Guess what? The man I had been buying scratchers (lottery tickets) for this whole time finally received his gift!!:D

Today as hubby & I were making our way out I saw him cleaning the street and quickly asked my husband to stop the car so I could gift him. At first he was hesitant probably because I went up to him and said "Hey, what's your name?" It wasn't my clearest moment. I was just so happy to finally see him and be able to give him the gift I had for him this whole time. I simply introduced myself and let him know that I recently moved to the area and really love living here. I expressed how his regular cleaning of the surrounding neighborhood really makes an impact on me and my experience. I also told him that I had a gift for him. At which time I presented him with the scratchers, shook his hand, and introduced him to my husband. It was great because he seemed really surprised and told me that I made his day. He also said he would relay my message to his boss. YAY! It made me feel really good to let him know that I notice him and his work. Honestly, what he does means a lot to me. 

My other major give today was for Carriage Hope, which is the charity I am now working with regularly. I had a long, busy beginning of the day and waited too long to eat after breakfast. By mid afternoon I was starving and tired (this happen to anyone else?) Anyway, after lunch I got to it, worked on, and almost completed their entire website from scratch! I can't wait to present it to them. They have never had a website before. So this, along with the other items we are instituting are a really big deal and opportunity for their advancement. I pray it makes a huge, lasting, positive, impact. 

The last item I gave was a referral to my family specifically my Grandmother and Mother (who both were recently diagnosed with cancer) for fresh organic fruits and vegetables that would be delivered to their home inexpensively, along with recipes on how to make them. If any of you would like this information, let me know and I will provide it. Green leafy vegetables along with vegetables and fruits that are brightly colored are known to prevent, reduce, and sometimes assist in the curing of cancer. The also stave off a whole list of other diseases. 

May all of you be blessed with excellent health. Always, and forevermore. Big hugs and abundance wishes. See you tomorrow...

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