Tuesday, June 21, 2011

29 Gifts, Day 28

29 Gifts, Day 28June 21, 2011 at 11:33pm

Today's give was hard. I was left feeling a little down. Quite bummed actually... I had worked all day on the Carriage Hope website. Not only had they never had one before, but they had never had any social networking or other web presences set up so all of this was done from scratch. Originally there was a web guy they had but he never responded to my emails or answered my questions so I took it on so we could get it done. I was glad to do it. Excited even. Putting my items on the back burner to get this done by our deadline which is this Friday. I knew I would be in Seattle this week so that moved the deadline to today.

I believe my problem is that this give ended up coming with an expectation on my part. I just expected he would be happy to have the website complete. Functioning. Real. After presenting it to him, his reaction wasn't happy or excited at all. As a matter of fact he said it looked bland and wondered if I could incorporate what his web guy had worked on in the past 2 1/2 years but never completed or published. I was flabbergasted. The wind completely out of my sails. I felt unappreciated and then I started to worry. I worried about why and what it meant if he still wanted to work with the same people considering the lack of results they've gotten. Nevertheless, I still gave. This give was an open heart and mind telling him to gather and send me all the stuff he is thinking about so I could see about how I might make it work. I also gave the gift of reasoning. There is a lot I have to say but Seattle will give me time and I think with time I will be clearer. 

I wish I could say things went great. Still when I think about it, they did. I gave my word to have a website for Carriage Hope by Friday, 6/24 and I did it. Ahead of schedule. I promised to create their social networks and online revenue generators and I did. They are now set up for PayPal & eBay. I also got them credit card processing for the thrift store. Knowing what all of this could bring for them, is my receive.

So I guess I could sum it up to say,
I gave my all each and every day.
I was my word and that feels good,
No need for applause,
Cause I'm self approved.

Blessings, love, and abundance to all of you. For you are my gifts, every day. Goodnight.

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