Wednesday, June 8, 2011

29 Gifts, Days 10-12

Hello lovies! Here are days 10-12 of this life changing 29 day challenge I am on. Tomorrow will be the last long post because we'll be all caught up and then you'll be with me real time. YAY! I am doing this from my car as I await my scheduled time to come up for a callback audition and my Macbook battery is about to die so forgive the lack of links to the other 29 Gifts posts and 29 Gifts community. If you are new to this and inspired please read along my blog and you will see that info in my other blogs. Ok, love and light to you. Have an empowered blessed day!! xo

29 Gifts, Day 10. Double digits!!June 4, 2011 at 12:07am

Another great day. I noticed there have been a couple days I have not had an intention outside of the intention to give. Not sure how I feel about that. I do prefer when I have a clear cut intention but I am still grateful to be thinking of giving regularly and so I chalk it all up to goodness. Today I gave the following....

A surprise visit to one of my best friends. It was great to show up and chat for a while. 
My thoughts, prayers, and suggestions for a girlfriend I referenced in an earlier post who has been going through serious struggles lately. This felt so good as she appeared to be affected positively by this and it felt good to show her I care. 
I treated my husband to breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants.

& then there was the greatest give, the one I'm MOST excited about. The merging of my blogs and letting my people know about this community, experience, and movement here at 29 Gifts. My intention with this is to facilitate people getting into the giving spirit as I know it is a life changer and so many can benefit from this beautiful thing. The possibility of my friends and followers enlightenment, along with the growth of the 29 Gifts community and movement are just beautiful tips of the iceberg! Let alone the amazing ripple effect of things I can't even think of or imagine. Mbali and Cami started an amazing thing and if I can pass it on I'm happy to do so! I pray for goodness to rain down on all of us. :)

As for what I got? Happiness, strength, confidence, peace, excitement, purpose, energy, and feelings of love. Another audition on Monday, a bag my husband got for me while at an event today, & a brand new subscriber at my original blog. Yay!

29 Gifts, Day 11June 4, 2011 at 11:53pm

Today my giftly intention surrounded my family. Both of these gifts were premeditated. One for my son and the other for my husband.

Hubby has a big birthday coming up and his wish is to have a big party so I gave him half of the party budget. I'm so glad he accepted it. :)

The biggest one was for my son. Today is his birthday. He's 17. I wish I could say that my gift involved some great big party, family outing, shopping trip, or well wrapped goodie. Instead it was a facebook comment and a message telling him I love him along with a gift that would help him get some enlightenment and support via a free tele-seminar with some amazing spiritual teachers focused on masculinity and a message geared especially towards men. You see, my son doesn't live in my home anymore. It's been 2 months, he is my baby, and me being "o.k" with this has been HARD. Since he left we've had one phone conversation. We both expressed our love for one another but the issues that caused his departure were left untouched. Stuck between supporting detrimental behaviors and standing up for what's best for him, I chose the latter. Tough love in-deed. Now with his birthday here, I was stuck at a crossroads. I chose giving. I chose to give my love. I would do anything for my children. Today that anything involved me reaching out, forgetting even just for a moment about the problems, my worries, and the pain I have felt. He replied "thanks Mom" with a smiley face. I can only hope my gesture gave him a glimpse of the magnitude of my eternal love for him. Perhaps this is a wonder all of us parents share in raising our kids.

Introspectively, Tee

29 Gifts, Day 12June 5, 2011 at 6:50pm

Today my gifts were just for me,
Gave myself rest to be the best I could be,
Handled some work to get a jump on the week.
Showing off midriff in a cut off tee and jeans.

Today I let my mind roam,
I played with my cat,
I didn't pass judgements or let myself detract,
I allowed the experience to be what it is, 
and trusted my heart to let me receive the give.

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