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29 Gifts, Days 13-15

This is it!! After today we are all caught up which means shorter, real time, 29 Gifts blogs! Thank you for your patience and readership up to this point. I hope you are seeing how magical this challenge really is. There is nothing to buy or sign up for which makes it a wonderful low pressure thing to be a part of if you are inspired to do so. The community is here, the book here, and for those of you that are new, you can read the previous days of my journey by scrolling through my blogs. They are all entitled 29 Gifts with the corresponding days following. OK! May you all be blessed with the absolute best people, places, and things in your lives today and always. Any subscriptions, comments, and sharing is greatly appreciated. Love to you. Thank you for reading!

29 Gifts, Day 13. Goodness!!June 6, 2011 at 11:11pm

Hello there! Today has been outrageously busy and fun and cool. I'm sorry to report that I again did not have an intention to my giving I just had the overwhelming urge to give. This shows me that I am fully in the challenge although I do prefer having an intention behind it simply because it then seems to color my day in that feeling... Anyone else experience this? Anyway, here's what I gave and here's what I got. 

I gave a fellow actress the full low down on my haircut when she asked about it. I consider this a gift because some girls are so secretive about their stuff. Ladies, you know you've experienced this before.. ;) What I got from it was a wonderful experience sitting and gabbing with this girl like old friends even though we'd just met. 

I shared lots of smiles and hellos today. What I get from giving this gift is such a warm and wonderful feeling. It also makes me feel so connected, happy, and confident. Sure, there are some people that don't smile or answer but it happens very rarely and even when it does, I am still left feeling good inside. 

I paid for treats from Canter's deli. Some rugula and black & white cookies that my husband was craving. 

& lastly,

I got up and got some napkins for a man that was coughing his poor heart out. I'm talking watery eyes, drool, just having a rough go at it. In the past something like this would have freaked me out because I like things clean and turn away from germs. However, what I got and am getting from this is that people and our connections are everything. Those hang ups I had have been diminishing if not fading away completely. His look of gratitude really spoke to me. As have the other touching moments I have experienced so far. Sometimes, most times, a moment the duration of the blink of an eye transcends the universe. Everything makes sense, in that connection. 

I am happy to report I have been auditioning my butt off and I have a callback tomorrow. That's one step closer to a booking. YAY! I have felt great and before where I was feeling stuck and confused with all of the things that had been going on in my life, I now feel energized and filled with ideas and purpose. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love to all, goodnight. <3
29 Gifts, Day 14. Saddle up!June 7, 2011 at 8:47pm

Egads friends today has been a doozy. My giftly intention today was "I give my service and I give my faith." This came to me and felt perfect after I struggled coming back home from my callback audition today. Sometimes things don't appear as we'd like them to and so I had a moment of uncertainty (for the story please go to my O.G. blog) but once my intention came over me it allowed me to stay in the game and keep pushing. Here's what I gave today....

I stopped what I was doing in mid preparation for my day and went over to give my hubby a long hug and kiss good morning. I woke up before him and was not only not trying to bother him but in the swing of things. He gave me something right back by showing such love and his undivided attention even though when I walked over to him he was checking his phone. 

I gave my contact info to a fellow actress signed with my agency. This was upon her request based on our agent's recommendation. What I got from it was a possible connection and a good time spent in the moment. 

I shared the news about a courageous little girl and her amazing family via my blog in hopes that her message would be passed. They are awesome people and I came across it while in a funk this morning. What I got out of this was getting to know them a little bit and a huge dose of much needed perspective. 

I prepared my husband a healthy lunch when he started feeling like having a mid day coffee. This is usually a sign he's getting hungry so I whipped up something good and healthy for the both of us. This gave me a chance to sit with him and enjoy a meal and he gave me a wonderful sincere compliment when he tasted his food. 

I gave tears of joy to a friend and tears of gratitude to the Lord for the miracle I witnessed today. Even now I'm getting emotional thinking about it. Remember the friend I sent the necklace to on Day 8? She text me to let me know she'd gotten hired as a receptionist today!!!! 6 days ago she was facing eviction and everything was upside down. No job, no prospects. Now this!! Praise God.

I want to share some more miracles with you. This morning's financial worry was eradicated with news of more money in our accounts than we'd thought, 2 auditions and another callback for me tomorrow, and an opportunity (if approved) for me to DJ another event beginning of next month! All of these opportunities came in a flurry this afternoon. I am humbled, grateful, and amazed by this experience. I am sharing it with people via my original blog in hopes they get in on this too. May we all get miracles in our lives. Today and always. Love to you!
29 Gifts, Day 15June 8, 2011 at 10:53pm

Today has been sheer magic friends. I will try to make it short because there is so much to share. My intention for the day was, "Today I give my best." This is what that looked like. 

I spent extra time preparing for my day's appointments. Made it to all of them on time or early. Gave my all at my auditions and callback. Spoke to fellow actors in the room and genuinely wished them well & I thanked the casting directors and session runners. This made me so happy and it seemed to have the same effect on them. My energy was way up and I made a new friend today in a fellow actress. 

I smiled and talked to people throughout the day. Giving as much positivity to others at every opportunity. This included while driving and walking around my fair city. I got a great feeling out of this and felt connected to others. 

I sent love via text to 2 of my girlfriends, called my Grandmother to give her my love and support, and texted my brothers to let them know how much I love them and am here for them.

I gave my most professional, attentive, expeditious service to a client of mine. They are frazzled due to their upcoming event and my goal is to put them not only at ease but to go above and beyond to please them. This is the DJ opportunity I spoke of yesterday... It's been confirmed!!! :D

I finally got to visit the church that Cami references in the 29 Gifts book. It's near my home and I had been meaning to check it out since I read about it. My visit today was premeditated but the timing couldn't have been more divine. I felt at home there and will definitely be returning.

Lastly, I called my Mother back immediately. Her and I have never had a close or good relationship. For example, when my son left home, I was going through the ringer. I sent out an email to my "family" to inform them of what had happened. She didn't even answer me. I could go on but let's just say that when it comes to a mother daughter relationship, the only one I know of is the one I have created with my daughter. This is part of the reason I cherish all of you beautiful angels so much. Aside from my close girlfriends, my grandmother, and my daughter, I haven't known much about the female bond. Because my son leaving was recent I could've chosen to not answer her or postponed calling her back. Plus, I was rushing from my day's events to this new church I had been planning to attend. But with my giftly intention in mind I called right back. It turns out she was just diagnosed with throat cancer. Naturally overwhelmed at this news I took a deep breath quickly swallowing my up and coming tears and remained poised and collected offering her any and all help I could including my prayers for her health. This news seems ironic and strange because the only female caregiver and support I have ever known which is my beloved Grandmother (her mother) was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer of the blood) in May. I stayed on the phone with her until she was done, giving her my full attention, love, offers of support, and then went into the wonderful church and filled out a prayer request in both of their honor. 

I did my best today and one of the things I got from that was a wonderful feeling that is still with me. A feeling of peace, a feeling of love and a faith that anything else that might be needed although out of my hands, is taken care of. 

Let's please cherish every moment. Love to you. <3

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