Saturday, June 11, 2011

29 Gifts, Days 16 & 17. I didn't lie, I lagged...

Hey there, today is my 18th day on this challenge so, when I write and post that blog to the 29 Gifts community I will also post it here to get it all real time like I have been promising. I am happy to report I have been super busy so my apologies for having the back log of these two. This experience is magical and I hope you're inspired and happy at taking this journey with me. I appreciate having you and welcome you to get it on it for free if you wish. If you'd like to buy & read the book, that's here.

29 Gifts, Day 16
June 9, 2011 at 9:19pm
Today has been wonderful! I'll get right into it. My intention? "Today I give my love." 

My apartment building has a cleaning lady that daily makes everything nice for all of us. She does a stellar job and always does it with a beautiful attitude. Aside from stopping to talk to her and letting her know how much her service means to me, I also gave her a scratcher (lottery ticket) as a gift. I thought it would be a fun little token with the possibility of some cash. This made me happy although I'm not done with her yet. I will see to it that all her bosses know how awesome she is. ;)

I told the waitress how lovely she is at breakfast. She was so polite, attentive, and courteous. Like a warm hug incarnate. Looking straight into her eyes and telling her how wonderful she is, I could tell she understood how much I appreciated her. I tell you, pages of communication could pass through a connected gaze. 

I gave my husband the gift of fixing up his cables and putting away some items he had left out when he got and set up his new desk this week. He was so happy to receive this. I know it was a relief for him to have it done and not have to think about it. 

I vacuumed and mopped my room mates bathroom and rearranged an item he has in the hallway. I don't plan on telling him unless he asks, Hopefully, he'll be able to get into his room easier. 

I called my Mom because I knew she was going to see the oncologist today and even though she said she would call me and let me know, I let the "office hours" pass and once I was sure she would be out of her Dr.'s appt. I called her. This turned into a wonderful conversation. I let her do most of the talking and shared some laughs with her at the end. I also opened up a possibility for her to feel relief in regards to my Grandmother's cancer. That's in the works, but at least she knows it as a possibility. 

I also screamed out a "Thank you for your service" to some firemen I saw while driving today. I love firemen and al they do. 

I've gotten a lot today. I feel great, have been breezing through items, and I got an unexpected opportunity to earn some $ doing some car market research. I LOVE CARS!! I've done this once before and was able to test drive a bunch of vehicles for 2 hrs and earn some cash but this is something you don't call on, they call you. So, getting this opportunity made me happy. I hope to seal the deal tomorrow as we played phone tag today. 

Cheers to another day of great giving. Love to all of you. Goodnight. 

29 Gifts, Day 17
June 11, 2011 at 3:21am
2:46 am I almost forgot to post!! Today's been amazing everyone! Can't wait to let you know what unfolded.. my intention, "Today I give my all." 

I woke up with a sense of purpose and quickly got ready. Heading out to one of our favorite breakfast spots, I gifted a woman with a compliment on how well she was put together. She was surprised and pleased commenting, "My goodness what a nice thing to hear first thing in the morning." I told her to stay exactly as she was all day cause she looked BANGIN'! That gave me and her much joy. I also gifted a "bus girl" (she clears plates and helps with drinks but isn't a waitress) named Griselda a scratcher (lottery ticket) and wished her a happy Friday. She is always so nice and does her job so well. I hope she won something.. :)

I shared a laugh & short convo with an artist on the street. There was a mutual benefit to this. Smiling & laughter are magical.

I went straight to a business meeting for the charity I now work with regularly and happily showed them what I've done so far to set up their web presence and marketing. I ran the meeting, met new people, and informed them of some revenue generating ideas I have. They loved it and I was happy to do it. What I got from this was a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence in this area. I also got a chance at passive income from setting up their credit card processing. It will be nominal but that is still a blessing to me and I am grateful.

I came home briefly and rushed out to a DJ gig where I gave my all by going beyond the scope of what was initially discussed. Not only did I earn good money, I felt great, and got a lot of compliments and thank yous. I also had fun.

The last 3 ways I gave my all were responding with a thank you when my son sent me a scathing email, calling my brother to show support for some crazy news he just received, and writing this blog right now to be honest. I've had a gloriously long day and am tired.

But there has been so much magic friends.. like I said earlier I made money twice today. I have the focus group opportunity pending, I also got a callback scheduled this weekend and I booked an Orbit commercial!!!!

Prosperous abundant wishes to all of you. Big love! 

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