Monday, June 6, 2011

29 Gifts, Days 4-6

Hello my darlings, I'm back as promised with days 4-6 of this magical journey I am currently on of giving 29 gifts in 29 days. If you are new to this blog the introductory blog is here and days 1-3 are here.  Please note, I will be posting 3, 29 gifts blogs at a time every weekday until Thursday, June 9th which is when everything will be caught up and I will be on my 16th day. After that, you can expect much shorter posts as they will be real time daily posts chronicling this experience.

29 Gifts, Day 4 May 28, 2011 at 9:03pm

Hello friends! How are you? As for me, today was lovely... the weather was great, I had fun and all was good. I decided to base my intention on happiness thereby making my intention. "Today I give with happiness".

I must admit I was going to go stealth at first but when it started to become contrived I figured it wasn't in the cards today. My style is to allow this to flow. If I feel I'm working really hard I just let myself be still to allow the right feeling come to me. So, it did and giving happiness is what came.

As for what this looked like, I had several conversations with employees at one of my regular breakfast restaurants, I held open the door for a woman while entering a public ladies restroom, and I found myself shouting compliments out of my car when noticing a couple of really cool dressed girls I thought were rockin'.

What I got out of this was a sense of real community. People responded to me openly and my interactions were welcomed even though there were multiple occasions when I struck up conversations with people I didn't already know. Hubby also surprised me with a little cash to have in my wallet. Most of all I am feeling a real sense of contentment. A deep sense of having everything I need and being totally happy with all that I have. While browsing a couple stores today I saw some items that in the past I might have coveted but now while I liked those items there was no urge or need to have them right now. It's like I already do. :)

I hope that all of you have had a great gifting day. I've been floored at how wonderful and supportive all of you are in this wonderful community. Thank you for making me feel so at home here and sharing your thoughts by reading and then commenting my blogs. Until tomorrow!

29 Gifts, Day 5May 30, 2011 at 3:12am

2:18 am. Just back from a night out with hubby, we went to support a fellow DJ and had such a great time. Real cap off to an already excellent day. I find it uncanny that my gifting intentions come to me and end up being just right every time. Like naming a kid. Anyone else experience this? 

My first gift today was to myself. I slept really late and just let it happen. No judgements or anxiety. I just let myself sleep and rest. It was glorious. I was lost in a sea of beautiful dreams and woke up feeling like a queen. Ahhhh, thank you Lord, what a gift indeed. 

As I reflect I realize I was quite the receiver today and that is a gift in itself not only for me but to every person that gave to me. Ever try to do or say something nice to someone and they just can't accept it?? I'm realizing more and more that's bad for everyone involved. This has helped me see how important it is to be a gracious receiver as well. I feel that doing this honors everyone and who doesn't wanna do that right? Let me tell you what I was blessed with today...

When I woke up, my husband was gone for the 2nd day in a row to the gym. Major gift. I love this man and his health is top priority so anything he does to be healthy makes me happy and if he gets his sexy on in the process too... well WOO HOO!! :D I also got a lovely set of compliments and I had a great interaction with a woman who let me dash in the restroom right before her. I had been holding it a while since we had gone on a drive and I was dying! She wasn't only understanding, she was really nice about it. I was so grateful for that. 

As for what I gave today and my intention, today I went stealth...

I dropped off a box of CD's at a local store to be given away. The CD's were my original music (hubby & I comprise a Hip Hop, R&B, Pop duo called Dynamite Jive), I also filled out a thank you card for the management team here at my apartment. They do such a wonderful job I thought it would make a cool surprise. No signature necessary.. ;) Lastly, hubby gave a stealth gift too! We had gone Downtown and were at a location where you had to pay a quarter to use the restroom. Well, he paid for himself and three other people! This made me happy because I've told him about the challenge so he can think about it and hopefully be inspired. If it happens it'll be because he really wants to take it on which is why I thought his gesture was really cool. 

In terms of love and happiness, I often hear references to "the light" so when I looked up and saw this I had to capture and share because I thought it was fitting. Isn't it ironic that the light like love and happiness is also always warm? 

May we all continue to give and receive gifts. With love. :)

29 Gifts, Day 6May 31, 2011 at 1:17am

Today was slow, I was really tired after 5 hours of sleep. For some reason after going to bed well after 3 am I naturally woke up at 8. Because an intention for my giving wasn't coming to me I was going to go stealth but as the day progressed I was hit with this: "Today I give my service." This brought me to cleaning up my roommates bathroom. I gave it a hotel style cleaning not wanting to disturb his personal belongings or overstep any boundaries. I felt good about it because it happened organically. Then, without even thinking about it, when he came home I didn't say anything about it so I guess it was a stealth give after all. 

As for what I got well, I have been blessed with a lot of lessons so far that I feel will be with me a lifetime. Today's is a sense of pride from my true desire to stick with this. For some reason it seems impossible to even think of not seeing this through at least until the 29th day if not for the rest of my life. Another big thing is a true desire to continually connect with others. It seems foreign not to do so or not to just help people if I see opportunities as I go about my day. I must admit that today I wasn't as outgoing or energetic as I usually am but that's because aside from being very tired I just didn't feel too well due to starting my menstrual cycle. Sorry if this is T.M.I. but it's important to me to be as real as possible here and that very much affected my overall mood. I must reiterate though that even with these factors, I still gave, it's like I needed to. Anyone else relate to these feelings? 

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